Plum and Garlic: 6 Items Good for Hangover after Fun Party




After a fun party, you feel sick and exhausted……

I’m sure you have experienced this terrible “hangover” at least once if you like drinking!

What do you do when you have a hangover?

Do you do something special?


Here is a list of 6 items you could eat to reduce symptoms of a hangover.







1. Pickled Plum (Ume or Umeboshi)





Have you tried Umeboshi? Some are pretty sour, while others are sweet.

Older Japanese people would say pickled plum is good for hangover. This is because Umeboshi would help the liver work properly.

That is, it helps to disassemble alcohol efficiently.

It also helps you to recover from tiredness. If you don’t like sour plum, get sweet Umeboshi and eat with Congee. It’s simple yet yummy.



2. Persimmon (Kaki)






Just like Umeboshi, Persimmon is helpful to quickly recover from hangover. It helps to disassemble alcohol.

Moreover, it also contains vitamin C and good for health and skin. Eating before drinking alcohol is even better to prevent from getting drunk.

Some Persimmons are soft, whereas others are hard. Which one do you like?



3. Garlic



This is easy one! Garlic contains vitamin B1 and it helps to disassemble alcohol.

In Japanese Izakaya, you can order garlic. My favorite is deep fried garlic.

When you eat at home, you can cook soup, stair with vegetables and meat or cook with spaghetti.



4. Tomato

Another easy item to try. Tomato has sufficient amino acid and helps to disassemble alcohol.

Even tomato juice works fine. It’s easy to find tomato juice in Japan. Most convenience store and supermarkets have some.

If you don’t like tomato juice, you might want to try vegetable juice that contains tomato. Vegetable juice (yasai juice) is usually fruitier than tomato juice and doesn’t taste like tomato.


5. Egg





Egg is another item you could try. Just like tomato, it contains amino acid.

You can cook whatever you want and just eat. Eggs help to disassemble alcohol efficiently.


6. Coffee

Did you know coffee works well? It’s especially recommended when you have a headache. When you drink alcohol, it expands blood vessel.

Caffeine helps to shrink the vessel and reduce headache. Thus decaf might not be helpful.

But don’t drink too much. If you drink too much coffee, you would feel thirsty and damage your empty stomach. Eat something and drink a couple cups of coffee and you should feel better.



Those 6 items are easy to try when you have hangover.

If you like Tofu, try to eat while drinking. It will protect your stomach and you wouldn’t get drunk.

As Japanese cannot drink a lot, some have to think and prepare before and after drinking alcohol.



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