Is Haruki Murakami going to Receive the Nobel Prize?




Do you read books? Do you know Haruki Murakami?

He is a Japanese novelist and has received Japanese awards as well as international awards.

He is one of the most influential and famous Japanese writes who re recognized internationally.


Haruki Murakami’s Biography

He was born in 1949 in Kyoto. He was raised in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture and eventually moved to Tokyo.

His parents taught Japanese when he was a child, thus he had great opportunities to read a lot of books. He, however, never thought of becoming a write when he was a child.


He went to Waseda University and graduated in 1975.

He started to write a novel in 1978 while watching a baseball game in Tokyo. Before writing, he was running a jazz club and didn’t write anything.


Since 1979, he has been receiving a lot of awards and prizes. In 1991, he was invited to Princeton University in New Jersey, US as a guest researcher.





Why is He Popular?



Easy to Understand

In most cases, it’s not easy to understand novels well if it’s translated directly.

This is because every language has different expressions and cultural factors behind it.

Readers must know unique expressions and cultural background if books are translated directly.


Translators say that they don’t have to change anything when translating Murakami’s books into their language. That is, his writing is clear so that they don’t have to add extra notes.


Some Japanese novelists are extremely difficult to translate directly because of uncertainty. They tend to write with vague expressions and translators have hard time.


If the novel is easy to translate means it’s easy to read and understand. That is why lots of fans enjoy Murakami’s novels in their language.


Some people say Murakami’s novels have similarity with movie“Your Name” which has been a big hit in Japan as of October 2016.




Is Murakami going to Receive the Nobel Prize?

Not only Japanese media but also foreign media has been expecting that Murakami is going to receive the Nobel Prize. Japanese media always mention that Murakami is one of the possible recipients of the Nobel Prize.

Lots of his fans would be praying and waiting for him to receive the Nobel Prize.


Some people, however, argue that it’s exaggerated by media so that his books will be sold millions around the world. They want to promote his books and boost sales and make people buy his books.

They might believe that Murakami is the one who is closest to the Nobel Prize.


What do you think? Will he or won’t he?

Whether he receives or not, we know he is one of the famous writers in Japan.


At the end, maybe Murakami doesn’t care about the Nobel Prize.

He writes because that’s what he wants to do.



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