Tokyo Bus Tour in English: What is Hato Bus? Where to Get Tickets?





Have you taken Hato Bus? Hato bus is popular bus tour around Tokyo area.

Let’s see basic information and what kind of tours it offers.



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What is Hato Bus? Brief History


Hato literally means a pigeon.

Why pigeon?


Well, the company was founded in 1940s and pigeon was considered as a symbol of peace.

It is also said that pigeons go back where they come from safely, so Hato was chosen.

The first tour guides were 5 women.

Hato bus started to offer English tour in 1950s.


I was surprised because English tour was already available during the 1950s!




How Much is Hato Bus?

Price depends on where you go and how long you want to go.

Some tours are designed for one day, while others are designed for half day.


For instance, Tokyo half day tour is 7,000 yen and it is taken place between 9a.m. to 12p.m.

If you go outside Tokyo, it costs more money and time. Mt. Fuji and Hakone tour is 12,000 yen and taken place between 9a.m. and 8p.m. This tour includes lunch.


And there are more!


Where does Hato Bus go?



Hato bus offers various tours.

It is not limited within Tokyo and also offers Mt. Fuji or Hakone as well as Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree.

Other destinations include: Yokohama, Kawaguchi Lake and Nikko.


13 Tokyo half day torus are available as of October 2017.

Check the website and see which one you want to participate.

Hato Bus Website




Where to Take Hato Bus?

Hato bus departs from Tokyo, Hamamatsucho and Shinjuku Station.

It also offers pick-up service at certain hotels. Check details here

Pick up Information



Tokyo Station

Go to Tokyo Station and find Maruouchi South Exit.

Turn left and go along the street. You will see lots of yellow buses there.




Hamamatsucho Station

Get off at Hamamatsucho Station and go to South Exit.

Turn right and go to the World Trade Center Building.

The bus terminal is the 1st floor (annex 1st floor).



Shinjuku Station

Go to East Exit. Be careful because this bus terminal is different from Busta terminal. Don’t mix them up!

Find “Hato bus stop No.2”



Where to Get Tickets? How to Buy?


Tickets are available online.

This is the easiest way because it explains in English.


Simply choose tour you want to join from the website Hato Bus Tickets and pick a date.

It shows time, fee, destinations and if meal is included.



Features of Hato Bus

Here I summarize features of Hato bus.

How is it different from regular bus?


Colourful Design


Hato bus is different from regular bus.

Its design is usually colorful and sometimes have special characters or design. For instance, there are Hato buses that have Hello Kitty on the side.


Open-top and Double-decker Bus


Not all but open-top and double-decker buses are available for certain tours.

These buses are especially popular during spring and summer.



Multilingual Tours


Hato bus provides not only English but also Chinese tours.

(and of course Japanese tour!)

Korean and Spanish are also available for certain tours with earphones.




If you don’t know where to go in Tokyo, it is a good idea to take Hato bus.

Or, I’m willing to make a special plan for you!

I’m from Tokyo so I’d love to introduce nice place in Tokyo.


If you have any questions regards to the reservation, feel free to contact me!




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