Who Invented Sushi Train? Interesting History of Sushi-Go-Round




When you first tried sushi-go-round, how did you feel? Did you like it? When I first tried sushi-go-round in Tokyo, I was pretty excited. As a child, sushi-go-round is a dream conveyor that carries sushi to your table.

In this post I’m going to discuss who invented this miracle conveyor system as well as popular sushi-go-round restaurants in Japan.


The owner of sushi restaurant in Osaka came up with the idea of Sushi-go-round. Yoshiaki Shiraishi (白石義明) was thinking how to develop his sushi restaurant.

When he went to Asahi Beer Factory, he got an awesome idea from a conveyor belt. He believed using a belt conveyor would be efficient to serve customers and helps him to open lots of sushi restaurants.

In 1958, he opened “Genroku Sushi (元禄寿司),” the first sushi-go-round restaurant in the world. Until 1978, Genroku Sushi was the only sushi-go-round restaurant as a result of patent.


In 1970, Genroku sushi was introduced to the world at Expo’70. People were very attracted by its convenience and low price.

After 1978, many people have developed sushi-go-round restaurants in Japan as well as in foreign countries.



Who Makes Belt Conveyors


ALL belt conveyors for sushi-go-round in Japan is made in Ishikawa Prefecture. 100 percent.

60% of them are made in Kanzawa city, while the rest is made in Hakusan city.

Some restaurants put IC tag or the two-dimensional barcode to record which sushi is popular. They also check freshness of sushi so if no one takes a specific plate for a while, they would detect and separate the plate from others.

They can also check accurate price so that bill will be given smoothly.



Which Franchise is Most Popular?




Do you know those 6 myths about Sushi?



Sushi-go-round industry is very competitive. Below is best 5 franchises in Japan. Have you tried one of these?


Name Headquarter Number of Stores
Hama Sushi (はま寿司) Tokyo 436
Sushiro (スシロー) Osaka 427
Muten Kura Sushi (無添くら寿司) Osaka 372
Kappa Sushi (かっぱ寿司) Saitama 338
Gatten Sushi (がってん寿司), Daimaru Suisan (ダイマル水産) Saitama 112




Shiraishi’s passion developed sushi-go-round and spread this wonderful belt conveyor system in Japan.

Many places offer snack and desert as well. Hence, sushi-go-round is a place where adults and kids can take time and enjoy sushi.




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