4 Places You Must Visit in HOKKAIDO, Japan




Here are 4 places in Hokkaido you should visit!


  1. Shiretoko Peninsula (知床半島)


It is located easternmost part of Hokkaido.

It is one of the Natural Heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.


Some areas are forbidden to enter as to protect nature.

Most tourists go to Utoro area.

Utoro has hot spring and ferry terminal.


You must go to see Ushin Koshin Fall, which is selected as one of the best falls in Japan.

You can enjoy both in summer and winter.


Also You cannot miss Shiretoko 5 Lakes.

There is trail that goes around the lake.

You might see wild animals and tour will be cancelled if bear is spotted in the area.




  1. Asahikawa Zoo (旭川動物園)


This zoo is pretty famous and most popular zoo in Japan.

Its aim is to show animals’ lifestyle without interrupting.

For instance, you can see Penguins swimming around in Penguin House (ペンギン館), and 300kg polar bears diving and swimming around in Hokkyoku guma House (ほっきょくぐま館).


There are also lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, seals and more.


If you stay near Asahikawa, try this incredible zoo!




  1. Night View at Hakodate Yama(函館山)




If you stay Hakodate area, you cannot miss this incredible night view!


It’s extremely famous and popular among couples, families and tourists.


There is a ropeway (gondola) and it operates every 15 minutes during summer.

It operates during winter. However, hours are different so check before you go.


There is restaurant and few stores up there.

You can see the night view and enjoy dinner in the restaurant.



  1. Noboribetsu Hot Spring (登別温泉)


This hot spring is always chosen as one of the finest hot spring in Japan.

People in Edo period already enjoyed this hot spring.

It is located in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido.


Go to Jigoku Dani (地獄谷) and see the explosion crater.

You can see hot spring and gas coming from the crater.



There are so many nice places to visit in Hokkaido.

Summer is definitely nice, but you can also visit winter and enjoy winter events.




 - Travel 47

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