Secrets of Japanese HOST CLUB where Host Makes 2 million Every Month



Host Clubs provide female customers a fun time. Hosts talk to customers and drink with them. Some female customers would visit Host Club every week and spend a lot.



What is a Host Club?


Host Club is a place where female customers can drink and talk to Hosts (usually good-looking guys). Some places have Karaoke also. No sexual service is provided. It’s a place to have some fun and release stress.





History of Host Clubs


Early Host Clubs


The first Host Club was open near Tokyo station in 1965. It was called “Night Tokyo.”
It recruited male dance instructors and they taught women how to dance.

As well as dance, some customer wanted to drink alcohol and chat with instructors after dance. Hence they paid to instructors to have some drinks.

At that time, housewives of rich family in Tokyo, such as wives of politicians, had enough time and money to play.

Some of them wished to learn how to dance but their husbands were busy.

Then this “Night Tokyo” became popular destination for them because they could dance and enjoy while husbands were working.

(I don’t mean they cheated on husbands but rather enjoyed dancing.)


Pioneer of Current Host Clubs


Takeshi Aida (愛田武) was working in Night Tokyo. He questioned the commission based salary because it was difficult to survive as a Host. Host club made Hosts work very hard yet their salary was insufficient.

Aida left Night Tokyo and opened a new Host Club called “AI” (愛: Love) in Tokyo.

It’s said that because of him, Host Clubs in Japan have changed rules and wage system and he has become a famous figure in Host Club industry.

Until early 1990s, Host Club was considered repulsive.

However, some top Hosts appeared on TV and media and they gave audience good impression of Host Club.

People gradually accept Host Clubs and the number of women who visit Host Club is growing.

Customer’s age varies from 18 to 60s or older.


Who are Hosts?


Hosts are male employees who work in Host Clubs. Their salary is based on commission.
Thus some popular Hosts make over 2 million yen per month, while others don’t make much money (less than 200,000 yen per month).





How Can You be a Host?


Anyone can be a Host but not everyone can continue to work as a Host.
Only a few become top Hosts and others would quit while they are early 20s.
Money (commission) is important but according to senior Hosts, it’s better to find a comfortable environment with comfortable co-workers. If co-workers and owners are not good, new Hosts would quit within a month.


Issues with Host Club


There are some problems that Host Clubs and their customers encounter.
Here are 3 problems.


The Underage

Some underage teens want to work in Host Club because they think that makes money quickly. It’s illegal to hire someone under 18 years old so they would prepare fake ID and pretend they are over 18.

In addition, some underage girls want to try Host Clubs. Host clubs are supposed to check their ID, but some stores get caught and close down due to underage issues.


Love or Money

Some Hosts want to get as many customers as possible, and they would flirt as if they are “boy friends.”

As a result, those women come to see them often and spend a lot of money.
Some women spend so much and become broke and are asked to work in sexual services industry.

In recent case, media revealed that Anri Sakaguchi (坂口杏里) was addicted to a Host and spent way too much. She is trying to make money but her debt is over 20 million yen…..

It’s very sad and shocking but lots of women fall in love with Hosts and lose everything at the end.


Aggressive Tout

If you are women and alone in Shinjuku at night, you would probably see Hosts trying to get customers on the street.

They are very persistent and try to get as many customer as possible (because no customer means no commission).

Although aggressive tout is illegal, some Hosts could be pretty aggressive.




Host Club is a special place for women. Hosts give female clients a comfy environment and relationships.

I think it’s okay to go there sometimes, but we shouldn’t be addicted and spend like crazy.

It sounds ridiculous but I’ve heard some women spend over 1 million for a night! (probably Host’s birthday or special occasion.)



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