How to Enjoy Fireworks Festivals in Japan? What to Bring?





Have you seen fireworks (Hanabi) in Japan? It’s truly stunning!

Read this post before going to fireworks festival so that you can enjoy the impressive moment!



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What is Fireworks Like in Japan?

Before coming to Canada, I didn’t know how fireworks look like in foreign countries.

I went to see fireworks in Canada and realized that it’s much bigger and better in Japan.


Popular fireworks festivals usually start after 7p.m. and last for 90 to 120 minutes.

It is non-stop and variety of color and shape appears on the sky.


So when I saw fireworks in Canada, I was shocked because it lasted for 30 minutes only (!!)



What to Expect for Fireworks



First-time-visitors should know what to expect on the day of festival.

Be prepared!


Awfully Packed

Going to see fireworks is extremely fun and absolutely exhausting at the same time.

Hundreds of thousands of people go to see fireworks in major cities.

It’s packed. You may not be able to move.


Many go to fireworks early to save their spots.

They want to see it as close as possible. Some go there after lunch and stay there for 12 hours until the festivals end.

If you want to go front and see fireworks closely, it’s better to go early. Or you may have to keep standing and see the fireworks from far away.



Follow the Rules

Certain venues have specific rules.

For instance, you cannot stop and watch the Sumidagawa fireworks near the train station. You must keep moving so that others can move.

Also some venues provide food stalls while others don’t.


Before heading to the festival, check the website and review the venue.

Follow the rules and respect others!



What to Bring for Fireworks



People tend to go to popular fireworks festivals as early as 2p.m. or 3p.m.

Some venues offer food stalls so that you can get some food from there. But because it is very busy, you might need to wait.


The best way is to bring drinks and food by yourself rather than buying at food stalls. It saves your money and time!


Below are items that one should bring to fireworks festival.



Bring some water.

Water is the best but you can also bring your favorite beverage.

Get extra if you can. The fireworks festival itself is usually less than 2 hours. However, many people go early, save a spot and spend a few hours before the festival begins.

It is not easy to get some drink during the festival, so it is better to bring drinks before the festival starts.



Depending on what venue you visit, you might need to bring some food.

Some venues offer food stalls but it is pretty crowded.

Others do not offer any food so be warned. You cannot concentrate on beautiful fireworks if you are starving, right?




If you have smartphone app for flashlight, that is perfect!

Some areas might be dark and not easy to see, so be prepared.

Even though other people would have the flashlight app, it is always a good idea to bring one with you.



Insect Repellent

If you do not apply any insect repellent, you will be targeted by mosquitoes. Get spray and protect yourself.

It is especially hard to see those insects when it is dark.

Let’s spray before heading out!



Comfortable Shoes

It is so difficult to walk such crowded area by high heels.

Try to wear or bring an extra pair of shoes so that you can walk without frustration.

It is totally fine to wear shoes!


Some venues are located far from public transportation, so it might take 30 minutes on foot.




If you are visiting Japan during summer, you must go to fireworks festivals!!

It’s very crowded but worth watching.


Japanese enjoy fireworks in summer so don’t miss a chance!



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