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Legoland Japan is the 8th Legoland opened worldwide and the 2nd in Asia.

This post summarizes types of tickets and how to get them.


This terminal is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo → Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal

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Where is Legoland Japan?



Legoland Japan was opened in April, 2017. Located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, it has been packed by Lego fans.

This is the first and only Legoland in Japan.

There is no Legoland in Tokyo or Osaka.


According to the website, Legoland Japan aims to entertain children aged 2 to 12 with their families. There are more than 40 rides, attractions and shows.

Everyone is welcome of course!


Address and Business Hours of Legoland Japan

Address: 2-2-1, Kinjofuto, Minato Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 10a.m. to 6p.m.

Saturday and Sunday 10a.m. – 7p.m.



What kind of Tickets does Legoland Japan Offer?

There are different kinds of tickets that Legoland Japan offers.

If you know you are going there for sure, it is better to purchase tickets in advance.

All price include tax.



Types of Tickets


One Day Pass




Adult (over 13 years old): 6,900 yen

Children (aged 3 -12): 5,300 yen

These prices apply if you buy the tickets the day before or the day you go to the Legoland Japan. No discount whatsoever.


Wanna save?


Then purchase your tickets AT LEAST 1 week prior to your visit.

If you buy tickets 7 days in advance, the price would be


Adults (over 13 years old): 6,200 yen

Children (aged 3 to 12): 4,700 yen


That saves 700 yen per ticket! It is a great saving way when you need to get one ticket. When you go with your family, family pass is available.


If you purchase your tickets 2-6 days in advance, 5% discount applies:

Adult (over 13 years old): 6,500 yen

Children (aged 3-12): 5,000 yen


Family 1 Day Pass for 3

If you have a child and planning to go to Legoland Japan with your husband/wife with the kid, get a Family 1 Day pass.

This pass is designed for 2 parents and 1 child, or 1 parent and 2 children.


2 Adults and 1 Child or 1 Adult and 2 Children: 19,100 yen.

This is exclusively used for family so that it cannot be used for 3 children or 3 parents. It is only available online.


If purchased 7 days in advance, the price would be 14,700 yen.

15,600 yen if purchased 2- 6 days in advance.

It is worth to buy at least a week before because it saves 4,400 yen. It is a big difference!



Family 1 Day pass for 4

This pass is available for 2 adults and 2 children.

It cannot be used for 3 adults and 1 child.


Regular Price: 24,400 yen

If purchased 7 days before: 18,300 yen

If purchased 2-6 days before: 19,600 yen


Annual Pass

If you love Legoland Japan and will be visiting at least 3 times within a year, there is an annual pass.

Adult (over 13 years old): 17,300 yen

Child (aged 3-12): 13,300 yen



The Best Way to Get Tickets for Legoland Japan



The best way is to purchase online 1 week before you visit Legoland Japan.


Simply go to Legoland Japan and hit Buy Tickets and pick a date.


Family 1 Day pass is only available online and cannot be purchased at Legoland Japan.


You can also purchase a single ticket at Legoland Japan, but there will be no discount without advance purchase.




To summarize, there are 4 different kinds of tickets for Legoland Japan.


Types of Ticket 7 Days Prior 2-6 days Prior Within 2 days
Adult 6,200 yen 6,500 yen 6,900 yen
Child 4,700 yen 5,000 yen 5,300 yen
Family 1 Day Pass for 3 14,700 yen 15,600 yen 19,100 yen
Family 1 Day Pass for 4 18,300 yen 19,600 yen 24,400 yen


Purchase in advance and spend a great time in Legoland Japan this summer!






This terminal is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo → Basic information  on Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal


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