How to Make Hot Pot Party Fun? 6 Steps to Enjoy Hot Pot at Home




One of the things I love about Japan is various soup base for hot pot! There are too many kinds to try all. This article summarizes how to enjoy hot pot party at home!




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6 Steps to Make Hot Pot Party Fun

Below are basic 6 steps for hot pot party. You don’t have to follow them exactly but I would like you to give a rough idea.




First of all, pick a date and plan the party. Most people plan the party during the weekend because they are off.

It could be planned during the week if your guests are available.



Invite Friends and Guests

Invite your friends, colleagues or family. Most Japanese like hot pot so your guests should enjoy hot pot party.

(I’ve never met people who hate hot pot)

The number of guests is up to you. It would be quieter and more relaxing with fewer guests, while it would be more lively party with many guests.



Pick Soup Base/ Hot Pot Theme

As I mention in the beginning, so many types of soup base are available in Japan. It is important to pick proper one!


If you know what your guests like, pick whatever they like.

Some Japanese cannot take spicy soup base, so check their preference.

The popular soup base is soy sauce and miso because they are mild.


I personally like kimchi base and tend to try others.



Prepare Together


Now, let’s go get stuff for hot pot!

Get some vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. Be sure if your guests have any preference.


It’s fun to go shopping together and pick stuff.



Eat and Drink



One of the reasons why hot pot is popular is because it is easy to prepare. Get ingredients, cut and throw them into the pot.


Drinking alcohol with hot pot is perfect! It is always nice to have great meal with alcohol. If you don’t drink, that is totally fine. Get some water, tea, pops or whatever you like.



Clean up Together

After eating and drinking, you might want to relax and be lazy. But don’t forget to clean up! Try to ask for help if possible. If you clean with someone, it is better and much quicker.



Enjoy at Restaurant

You can also have hot pot at restaurant. Restaurants offer different kinds of hot pot, so check their menu and try.

I personally like to try special hot pot at restaurant because I cannot cook that at home.



Hot Pot for One


If you don’t want to have a party, or have no space for guests, you can also enjoy hot pot alone!

Some soup base are individually packed for one person. Get one of those and make hot pot whenever you want. It is easy and great during cold winter.




I used to have hot pot parties when I was a student. It was so fun to invite friends and have yummy hot pot together.

Hot pot is easy and tasty. If you haven’t tried yet, I strongly recommend you to try while you are in Japan!



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