How to Improve Japanese Quickly? Any Effective Method?





Do you want to improve your Japanese while you are in Japan?

Mastering language is not easy especially if you don’t have enough opportunities to actually use.


Here are some suggestions on how to improve Japanese efficiently.


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Via Online

This is the most common method people use.

There are forums and websites for language exchange partners. Just be aware that some might be looking for romantic relationships.


Via Online Community

If you are shy to talk to others face to face, this is a great method for you.

Some online communities have specific guideline (e.g., my language exchange) so that you can teach your language to a member of a group and they can teach you Japanese with equal amount of time.


Via Friends

Networking is important!

If you have good friends, ask them if they know anyone who is interested in learning your language or someone who teaches Japanese.


Via Events

Check special events that something you like or something you are interested.

For example, if you like music, check music festivals or concerts.

You will find someone who also likes the groups or songs and you can talk to them in Japanese. If possible, be friends!


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Via Party



If you like party, check party!

A friend of mine became friend with American woman and they sometimes hang out. They speak Japanese and English and share interests.

So it’s possible!


Via Exchange Program

If you are a student and interested in learning in Japan, using Exchange Program is great way to study and learn Japanese.

In school, you would see classmates and if you have questions you can ask instructors.


Living with host family is another advantage.

This is a great way to know Japanese people and culture.

You may not master Japanese within a year, but you would gain valuable experience. (and that’s what I did in Canada)




The Best Method and Conclusion



I personally think that the best way to learn language is to immerse yourself in that language. That is, you don’t speak or think in your mother tongue at all.


I did that when I was a student and it worked! I tried not to hang out with my Japanese friends all the time and I used English all the time.


If you want to learn Japanese, think in Japanese.

Write in Japanese and speak in Japanese.

Watch news in Japanese. Set your iPhone in Japanese.


You do that everyday and eventually you would be speaking Japanese in your dream!

I was very happy when I was speaking English in my dream.


Don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Language is alive and it keeps changing.


As well as speaking Japanese everyday and immersing yourself in Japanese, another effective way is to hang out with native Japanese! They could be your friends, neighbours, boyfriend or girlfriend, teachers or someone you met in a party last week.


Having those people around you doesn’t automatically improve your Japanese as you still need to make efforts.

However, they would motivate you and you would learn something new everyday.


You might think “oh, I forgot that vocabulary… I got to check it later.” or

you might be like “I learned new slang today. I’m going to use it tomorrow!”


If you keep learning and make efforts, you would be able to speak Japanese and communicate with native Japanese.

Don’t give up, and believe in yourself!




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