The Cost of Travel Insurance in Japan: How does it Work?




Are you planning to travel to Japan this year? Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance in case of injury or loss of luggage.


This post summarizes what you need to know about travel insurance when visiting Japan.



Why do You Need Travel Insurance?

It’s only a short trip and I can speak basic Japanese, so I don’t need insurance.


You might think that way if you don’t stay in Japan for a long period of time.

But things could happen when you are not prepared.

Japan is safe but you might get sick. Big earthquake or tsunami might hit where you visit and you might get injured.

You never know what is going to happen. No one knows.


Just to get peace of mind, it’s a great idea to purchase travel insurance.

If you have insurance, you can enjoy stays in Japan without worrying about accidental or unanticipated problems with health, natural disasters, or crimes.



When to Purchase Travel Insurance

There are two ways of buying travel insurance. One is that you get it before actually going to Japan, and the other one is that you get it after arriving Japan.


For instance, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance can be purchased within Japan. If you try to access from outside Japan, you are advised to try again after arriving Japan. You can purchase this kind of insurance in the airport or hotel because all you need is wifi.


Choose the duration of the stay and you need to be covered all the time while you are in Japan.


In terms of coverage, all travel insurance is quite similar, so just compare the price and details of coverage.


How to Purchase Travel Insurance



Typical travel insurance can be purchased over the phone, via online or in the insurance retailers.


The easiest way is to purchase online because you don’t have to talk to any representatives.

If you have certain questions or concerns, however, you better call or visit insurance retailers.

Insurance policy is complicated so it’s better to make everything clear before purchasing.



What does it Cover?

Coverage depends on company and plan. The options usually include injury, sickness, medical expenses in Japan, call assistant services, trip delay, trip cancellation, baggage delay or losses etc…


The best way is to check online and get a quick quote. Double check the coverage and if you have concerns or questions, contact the insurance company.



How Much is Travel Insurance?

The cost depends on coverage and insurance companies.

I found the basic coverage starting from 8,500 yen for a week and it goes up to 12,000 yen if you add extended coverage (options).


I found another one and this one has 4 options. The basic one is only 3,000 yen for a week and covers emergency medical expenses.

But it doesn’t include trip cancellation or delay or any losses.

Another one is 10,000 yen and covers trip cancellation or delay and losses but doesn’t include emergency medical expenses.


Thus you need to do research and compare all the details.



I don’t like to read super-detailed-tiny terms and conditions, but it’s important to know details of coverage. If you are lazy to read like me, you can always call and ask.


To be honest, I sometimes don’t buy travel insurance, but I feel more secured and safe if I have one.


Get a quote and purchase one so that you can fully enjoy Japan.



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