IT’S ME FRAUD: How Are Japanese Victims Deceived by Phone Fraud



“Mom… I’ve lost my money and need to pay 1 million yen this week. Can you help me?”

Would you help your child if he or she asks such favor?


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What is “It’s ME Fraud”?


There are various kinds of fraud and the number of victims of “It’s me fraud” (オレオレ詐欺: ore ore sagi) has been increasing dramatically in Japan. There used to be such fraud before but since 2004, the number of fraud loss due to it’s me fraud has continued to increase.


The line usually goes like this:


Con Artist A
Hey it’s me. I had a car accident and someone got injured. I need to pay one million yen this week to settle the case, or they will sue me. Please help me. Deposit money for me. Right now. I’ll give you instruction……


It’s organized crime and usually Japanese gang, yakuza, is involved. They do anything to get money from people, thus they have various methods to deceive people.

For It’s me fraud, they have different lines, settings, stories and con artists so it’s difficult for the elderly to realize they are deceived.


How do Con Artists Deceive People?



Most of the time, they pretend someone victims know. It could be daughter, son, granddaughter and grandson. They usually target older Japanese because it’s easier to deceive.


According to Metropolitan Police Department,over 75% of victims are those age over 65. Most of the elderly panic and believe that’s their relative and send money without any consultation.


Why are People Deceived and Lose Money?




It sounds stupid if someone is deceived by such fraud. However, it’s still happening and the number of victims doesn’t decrease.


One of the reasons why Japanese are deceived and lost money is due to nature of Japanese. Lots of Japanese think Japan is safe and trust other people. They think they won’t be victims of any kind of crimes.


When they hear someone has been deceived by con-artist, they think it’s insane and impossible. They could be next victims.


How to Prevent Ore Ore Sagi


Due to increasing number of fraud, police has been warning NOT TO send money without confirming if their relative really needs such money.


Con artists are very smart to take your money, so talk to your relative before doing anything. Don’ panic and think that fraud never happens to you.

It could happen to anyone!!


Here are some cool lines Japanese used to prevent it’s me fraud.



Con Artist B
Hey it’s me.


Oh, Hiroshi, is this you?


Con Artist B
 Yeah, I actually had a car accident and


WHAT!? Accident?!?! I’ll go pick you up!!!


Con Artist B
 Oh, no it’s okay. I just need


Where are you? I go pick you up!!! now!!!


Then con artist probably hangs up the phone because you are annoying.

Don’t listen to them but you ask questions to confirm if that’s your relative or someone you actually know.


The best way is to speak English!!! Or any language but Japanese.

Most of con artists would give up talking to you if you don’t speak Japanese.



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