Mysterious Cavern and Ski Resort: 4 Places to See in Iwate Prefecture




Iwate Prefecture in located Northern Japan. They have famous ski mountains and winter is pretty cold.

Here are great 4 places to visit in Iwate prefecture.


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Morioka Tedukuri Village (盛岡手作り村)



This is not just village. It is very unique.

In this village, there are 15 craftsmen and you can see how they make their products.

They are all professionals from Iwate prefecture and stay in this village to concentrate on creating their products and arts.


You can even participate in making some products.

For example, you can try to make rice crackers and a pen stand.


This is the best place to see traditional local crafts in Iwate prefecture.




Appi Kogen (安比高原)



Located 60 minutes away from Morioka Station, Appi Kogen is one of the popular destinations in Iwate Prefecture.


There are tennis court, golf course and trail to entertain your stay during summer.


It is also famous as ski resort so that go there in winter if you ski or snowboard.

Ski is available between December and May.


If you are visiting with your family, see below for the family-friendly attractions.

Wood Maze: This maze is made of wood. You need solve problems and get out of there.

Wood Coaster: This small coaster takes two passengers.

Appi Gondola: It takes about 15 minutes to reach 1,304 metres height. There is a trail up there.

You can also bring your dogs or cats.



Ryusendou (龍泉洞)




It is located in Iwaizumi cho (岩泉町) and one of the largest limestone caverns.

Limestone cavern is a special type of a cave that is made by limestone.


There are five kinds of bats inside Ryusendo.

It has high water transparency so water is extremely clean.


*It opens all year round. However, due to water damage by Typhoon, it’ closed as of September 2, 2016.

I hope the damage is minimal and it would open shortly…


Update on June 10, 2016

I just checked the website and it is back! It opens 8:30a.m. to 6p.m. between May and September.

There will be events during summer and pretty crowded.


Inside the Ryusendo, follow the rules below!

・Do Not Touch or Damage

・Do Not Smoke

・Do Not Eat or Drink

・Do Not Use Toilet (washroom is located outside)

・Do Not Throw Coins into Water



Cyusonji Konzikidou (中尊寺金色堂)





This is located in Hiraizumi cho (平泉町).

It is one of the National Treasures.


Fujiwara Kiyohara build it in 1124.

Konziki means gold and inside, including wall and door, is all gold.


If you go there in fall, you can also enjoy red and yellow leaves.



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Naruto is famous Japanese comics → Why is Naruto Popular?




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