What is the popular IZAKAYA Menu? Plus Tips for Dating Japanese Girls


As I stay in Canada, I miss a lot of things in Japan.

One of them is Izakaya (居酒屋).

There are some Izakaya in Vancouver, but I still miss Japanese ones.





What is Izakaya?


Izakaya have alcohol and food and menu varies depending on areas.

Some have separate rooms for groups of people or couples.

Of course you can use these rooms with family and friends.


Some Izakaya ask you to take off shoes and you can put your shoes into shoes box.

The box is individual and you would have a key in some places.

The reason you take off shoes is because some places have Horigotatsu style seat.

Its shape is usually square or rectangular and dug so that people can leave legs into the dug space and don’t need to fold their legs.


Others don’t ask you to take off shoes so you can keep your shoes on and go to your table.



Tips for Dating Japanese Girls


Some girls don’t like taking off shoes especially when they wear long boots.

Gentlemen, if you happen to ask a Japanese girl on a date remember this.

If she wears boots, don’t go to Izakaya that requires taking off shoes.

If your date is not Japanese, you don’t have to worry about it.


Another tip would be not to eat strong spices such as garlic and chili, or something smelly on a first date.

I love Natto (fermented beans), for example, but I wouldn’t eat on a first date.

If my date ate Natto on a first date, I would be slightly shocked as well.

So no smelly food!

You can enjoy any food with strong smell later on.


Popular Items in Izakaya


Now you know what Izakaya is like.

The followings are the popular items Japanese would order in Izakaya.


  1. Assorted Sashimi

Most of the Izakaya in Japan have Sashimi.

If their sashimi is good and popular, they might have different kind.

Even those places where sashimi is not that popular on menu, they would have assorted sashimi.

Sashimi goes well with beer and sake.



  1. Deep Fried Chicken (Karaage)

This is another popular item from Izakaya menu.

I like to have deep fried chicken in different places and compare the taste and crispiness.

It also goes well with beer and sake.

I personally recommend karaage with beer!



  1. Deep Fried Chicken Cartilage (Nankotsu no Karaage)

Have you tried this? Sounds scary?

It is really yummy and one of my favorites that I would order if it’s on menu.

Its piece is small and also goes well with beer.


  1. Skewed Chicken (Yakitori)

You can go to Yakitori ya (skewed chicken restaurant) to enjoy fancy ones but you can enjoy simple ones in Izakaya.

You can choose different kinds of sauce in some places: simple salt or special Yakitori sauce (Tare).

Order Sake or beer and enjoy different parts of chicken!



  1. Edamame (Green Soybean)

Among those deep fried oily items, Edamame plays an important role as vegetable.

It’s usually boiled and salted.

Japanese usually order this with alcohol and it is considered as one of the most popular appetizers.

It’s cheap and go well with any alcohol.



Pubs and bars are nice to visit, but you better try Izakaya if you are in Japan.

Unlike Japanese sushi restaurant in North America, they have more options and yummy desserts on menu!




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