5 Reasons Why Young Japanese Don’t Date and Become Sexless




The number of sexless people have been increasing in Japan. So as single people.

Here are 5 reasons why Japanese are reluctant to date and resulting sexless.




1. No Opportunities

Single Girl A
I want to date so badly, but there’s no one!

Single Guy A
I’m too busy to find a date…


Some women and men want to date someone, but they cannot find.

They might also say:

Single Guy B
I’m not interested in anyone in the office…


Single Girl B
No one attracts me in school… Where can I find a hot guy?


They usually have strong desire to find a partner but make an excuse and don’t try hard. They insist that it is not their fault but the environment is hopeless to find a right person.



2. No Desire

Some Japanese don’t date because they have no desire. They might have something more important than dating.

For instance, one might have hobby and likes to go take pictures when he is off. He is busy taking pictures, so he doesn’t think about dating anyone.

Or, some people may be too busy at work and don’t have a chance to think about dating someone. They are too exhausted to be with someone.

They just want to sleep and take care of their laundry and grocery shopping when they are off.


3. High Expectation and Standard




Some people don’t date because their expectation is high.

They have high standard, and they won’t start dating unless an individual passes their standard.

For instance, some girls might have high standard on income level:


Single Girl C
I don’t want to date with someone whose annual income is less than $50,000


Moreover, some men might expect girls to do all cooking and domestic chores:

Single Guy C
I need to marry someone soon because my parents give me a lot of pressure. So I want you to do all the domestic chores if we go out. Will you? 

Single Girl D


They would usually observe and examine if an individual passes their standard before dating. Thus, if they found no attractive person, they won’t date.


4. No Money

Dating could cost a lot. It’s the same thing as hanging out with friends or anyone, but when you are with someone, you need some money.

You might go coffee shop or restaurant with them. You might go travel or stay in fancy Ryokan (Japanese Inn) for special occasions.

Moreover, you need to buy gifts for birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc…


Some young Japanese don’t earn enough and have difficult time managing their budget for living expense. They cannot afford to go somewhere or buy gifts.

Therefore, they would give up dating someone even before trying.



5. Hassle


Some people think that dating is hassle. They have to think what to wear, where to go and what to eat.

Hence, some prefer to be alone and do whatever they want.

Those people don’t want to spend time with others. They want to have freedom and think that dating is unnecessary stage of relationships.




Yup, dating could cost you time and money. However, it also gives you precious time that no other things can give you.

If you hesitate or if you are afraid of dating, just try!

Don’t miss the chance and try to build a good relationship with your partner.

I personally think it’s better to try and learn how to build a good relationship while you are younger. As you get older, you might become more careful and scared to try.




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