What is Japanese Elegance? 10 Concepts You Need to Know to be Elegant and Classy





I’ve been seeing people from different racial background in Canada. And I’ve observed them and realized that Japanese are ‘usually’ elegant.

Of course, not all Japanese are elegant and I’m not saying Canadians are not elegant. What makes people elegant?


Today I’m going discuss what elegance means in Japanese culture and what elegant and classy people do.


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Definition of Japanese Elegance

Some Japanese think that women should be elegant. In my opinion, both women and men should be elegant.


When we describe someone elegant, we say “品がある”(hin ga aru) or “上品” (jyo-hin) in Japanese.


Here are 10 concepts that make people elegant.


 Don’t Gossip

Some people love to gossip, but gossiping is not elegant at all.

Leave others’ privacy alone. It’s none of your business.

I do understand that people are social animals and want to know about others’ life style, marriage life, money problems and so on.

Gossiping makes people jealous and miserable.

Elegant people don’t gossip because they know it’s not necessary.

It’s waste of time. They would use the time for other things such as learning and reading to make their life better.


 Don’t Compare with Others

Some people like to compare with others so that they feel they are happier. Others compare with others and they feel jealous and despairing.

Elegant individuals are confident and they don’t compare with others.

They enjoy their lives without comparing.

It is important not to compare because it allows you to focus on your life, not others. You don’t have to feel pressure and anxious as long as you are content.





 Don’t Stop Learning

Elegant people keep learning throughout their life.

They might read books or do research on the Internet and accumulate their knowledge.

They might practice something they like and improve their skills (e.g., cooking, playing tennis, playing the piano, swimming etc…)

Elegant people keep their brain busy so that their mind stays young and flexible as well.


 Don’t Rush

Elegant people don’t rush. They prepare accordingly and arrive on time.

Some people run to trains and bus to jump in but elegant people take time.

Others drive car like crazy because they want to go fast. It’s very dangerous and they might lose not only elegance but also their lives.



 Don’t Shout




Elegant individuals talk softly and don’t scream. Some people talk louder because that’s the way they talk.

But they don’t have to shout.

It depends on situations, but shouting people look rough and uncomfortable to be with.

You are welcome to scream if you go see rock band concert, but you don’t have to scream when talking to others (unless you have a fight with girlfriend or boyfriend etc…).


 Don’t Swear

I understand you want to swear sometimes. But don’t! if you want to be elegant.

Once you swear, you don’t mind language and you would be speaking negative language. It affects your attitude.

I’ve seen people swearing for nothing (swearing for small tiny things) and it made me feel uncomfortable. Even they didn’t use offensive language towards me, it’s not nice to hear.

Thus I recommend you to swear in your mind. Write down. Swear when you are alone. Ultimately, not swearing at all is the best!




 Don’t panic

Elegant individuals know what to do when it comes to special occasions such as wedding and funerals.

In Japan, there are so many tiny rules when you host or attend ceremonies and events.

If you have to go to someone’s funeral, for instance, you must know what to wear, what to say to his or her family member, what to bring and what to do after funeral.

These rules are learned as you experience. Elegant women exactly know what to do through their experience and knowledge.


 Don’t Talk While Eating

This is basic manner when eating yet some people don’t follow.

It’s fine that they talk while eating if they are alone at home. (but to whom they talk if alone?)

However, having them in public place is not only non-elegant but also disgusting.

In addition, some people eat like animals. Hungry and eat like monsters. That’s fine, none of your business.

But again, if you were with them in restaurant, you would feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Elegant individuals know how to eat and Japanese rules for chopsticks. For instance, they don’t lick chopsticks or stick chopsticks into food because these are not good manner in Japan.



 Don’t be Selfish

Elegant people consider others. For instance, if one of their co-workers has problems dealing with certain tasks, they might offer to help.

If the elderly gets on bus, they might stand up and offer a seat.

They are not selfish and they pay attention to others.

And trust me, if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you.


 Don’t be Lazy

Some women might not want to wear make-up when they are off.

Some men might not want to get changed and go shopping with girlfriends when they are off.

Elegant individuals always take care of their appearance including make-up, hair, clothing, accessories and scent.

They know what to wear and represent themselves.



Elegant Japanese don’t gossip and compare with others. They talk nice and softly and keep learning something they like.

They also prepare and plan things ahead so don’t rush. They don’t scream or swear because it’s not necessary and not worth to do that.

Elegant Japanese know Japanese culture and custom so don’t panic in case of ceremonies and special events. Moreover, they know how to eat, dress properly. Finally, they are not selfish so that they consider others.

Mastering all of these may sound too much and difficult. However, trying to be elegant and classy is one of the important aspects in your life to make your life happy and meaningful.



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