4 Typical Things Japanese Guys Do to Express Their Love




Are you wondering if a particular Japanese guy likes you?

Do you want to know how Japanese guys show they like you?


Let’s see 4 typical things that Japanese guys do to express their love!



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How do Japanese Guys Express Love? 


John Gray Ph.D. published a book called “Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus” in 1992.

Have you read this book? It’s quite interesting so I recommend you if you haven’t read it yet.

He argues that women and men have problems with their relationships because they are different psychologically.

Without understanding the differences, they cannot maintain healthy relationships.


I’m going to list 4 typical behaviour that Japanese guys tend to do when they are with girls they like.



1. They Tease You


Did you have any experience that one of your male classmates was teasing you in school?

Well, I think he liked you.


Some boys do tease you just because they want to get your attention.

You might feel very uncomfortable and think it’s silly.


Those boys want to have better relationships with you but don’t know how to do.

And they end up pulling your hair or teasing your new clothes, hair style, or whatever, to get your attention.



2. They Leave You Alone


Women generally like to talk when they feel down.

They want to share their feelings and get sympathy from others.

They feel better after sharing their feelings even problems are not solved.


Men, on the other hand, tend to think quietly.

They need a personal space especially when they feel down.

They don’t want to share their feelings but rather they want to be alone and think by themselves.


Because of this nature, some men leave women alone when those women actually want to talk.


Men “assume” that women want to be alone so don’t bother to ask them what is happening.


They don’t know that women want to be listened and talk to them.



3. They Don’t Say Anything




Since ancient time, Japanese men have been holding a concept of “beauty of quietness.”


Traditional old Japanese men don’t talk a lot. Thus they don’t say that they love you.

They don’t say that you are beautiful.

They are shy and they think that they shouldn’t express love easily.


As a result, they would express their love by something else.

For instance, they would give you gifts or take you out for nice dinner.

They might buy you a car or an apartment.


They might not say in words, but this is how they express their love.


Younger generations might say “I love you” more often than older generations. But if your boyfriend doesn’t say it that often, don’t worry.

That’s how he shows his love.




4. They Advise You


When women talk and share their problems and thoughts, they don’t necessarily seek answers.

They just want someone to listen and they feel better.


Japanese men, however, want to give women some advice.

They think that women talk to them because they need proper solutions or opinions.


By giving some advice to women, they show that they care about women.

It shows how important the women are.


So girls, when men give you a piece of advice, they do that because they care about you.

Try to listen and appreciate. Don’t fight!



Girls don’t understand guys and guys don’t understand girls. They are aliens to each other sometimes.

Hope this post somehow helps you to understand Japanese guys. These apply to Japanese guys but not to other foreigners.

Some Japanese guys are extremely shy and you might wonder what they think… If you think so feel free to leave comment below!







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