When? What is Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival 2017?




How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country?

Japanese Valentine’s Day is unique and different from other countries.

This post introduces Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival 2017.




What is Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival?

There is an event called “Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival.”

Valentine’s Day Festival? Is it for Japanese couples?


Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival is an event for women.

Its slogan is “Love Makes Women Beautiful.


What it does is to provide useful tips for being attractive women. For instance, there would be booths for make-up, nail decoration and how to keep body beautiful.


Where? When is Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival 2017?



Source: http://valentine-fes.com/


The festival takes place on February 11th and 12th at Hulic Hall.


It’s located in 1-22-6, Asakusabashi, Taito ward Tokyo.

Tickets will be sold the middle of January and price is 3,300 yen.

If you don’t buy tickets in advance, the price will be 3,800 yen.



2 Features of Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival

Feature 1: Chocolate Fountains

A Chocolate Fountain?! Yes, it does look like a fountain.

There would be 30 chocolate fondues (or fountains) in the site.

Guests can enjoy different kinds of fruits, such as banana, strawberry and marshmallow and seafood with chocolate!


Eat chocolate before giving one to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.


Feature 2: Seminars

How to Get a Small Face and Pretty Breasts

This seminar discusses tips for getting a small face and beautiful breasts. Japanese typically think that women with smaller face are more attractive.

And many women try to get big breasts.

How about in your country?



②How to Master Sexy and Cute Make-up

This seminar demonstrates how to wear make-up that is sexy and cute. Do you think it’s impossible to be sexy and cute?

Typical Japanese men like sexy women but rather date cute women.


③How to Master Exciting, Happy Nail Techniques

This seminar demonstrates how to succeed on getting nails that make you happy and excited.

Many women care about their nails and go to nail salon to have their nails done. What I find, however, is that Japanese men don’t really care about their nails.

They prefer plain nails that are well taken care of (eg, nails that are not too long or too short, apply lotion to hands). Oops!

So I quit doing my nails. It was more like self-consciousness among women, I guess.



Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival allows you to eat plenty of chocolate, access to professional beauty advisors and get special items for Valentine’s Day.

It seems interesting to participate in seminars and eat plenty of chocolate!


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