How to Maintain a Great Relationship with a Japanese Girlfriend





Dating Japanese girls is mysterious for non-Japanese guys.

…..Well, even to some Japanese guys.

Wanna know how to keep a good relationship with a Japanese girlfriend?

Let’s read this and make your move!


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Tell Her that She is Special for You


Some girls don’t believe you until you say “I love you.”

Even if you are super kind and nice to a girl, she might think “she is one of the girls.” Thus, it’s very important to tell and show her that she is special.

Tell her that she is not the same as other girls.




Take Her Out

Sometimes take her out so that she feels happy.

She also appreciates that you care about her.


Places really don’t matter as long as you guys have a great time.


Possible destinations are;

Coffee shop



Shopping Mall


Theme Park (Disneyland if she likes)

Ocean or Beach


Events (parades, out door markets etc. if she likes)



Appreciate Her

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated?

Girls want to date someone who appreciates them.


Appreciate Her Help

Whatever she does, try to appreciate.

If she cooks, for instance, appreciate her.

If she cleans the kitchen, appreciate her.


You might think it’s tiny things to appreciate, but do so.

The more you appreciate, the better relationship you can develop with her.



Appreciate for Being With You

If she likes you, she will be with you, of course.

But don’t take if for granted.

Appreciate her so that she will appreciate the relationship she has with you.


Then your relationship with her will be perfect and last long.

No need to fake. If you truly think that you are lucky and happy to be with her and  tell her that, your genuine passion will catch her and it doesn’t let her leave.



Listen to Her



It’s very crucial. Listen to her. Period.

Girls usually love to talk and share things that have happened to them and their thoughts. They will like you more if you listen.

You don’t have to give them any advice, but listening is important here.


You better at least pretending you are listening, or she will be upset.

She thinks that you don’t listen because you don’t care about her.


So if you have a really terrible day and don’t want to talk or listen, just tell her.

If you don’t tell her, she might think she did something wrong and feels worried.



Do Something for Her


Girls love if you do something for them.

For example, if you like cooking, cook for them. If you like driving, drive her to nice places. If you like take pictures, take her with you when travelling for pictures.


You don’t have to do these often. But sometimes.

If you could do something for her sometimes, she will be super happy.


Just like taking her out, doing something for her makes her feel special and grateful.

Japanese girls love it when you show how much you care about them.



Don’t Cheat

This is also an important point when it comes to a good relationship.

Don’t cheat if you don’t want to lose her.


Do you think your girlfriend doesn’t know you are cheating?

Of course she knows!!


If you think she is special and means a lot to you, you better think before being seduced by “a girl.”

Your girlfriend might forgive you, but only one mistake can take her from your life.




Girls are difficult and you might not understand what Japanese girls think. They don’t usually express their thoughts so it’s not easy. Even for Japanese guys, it’s difficult.


It’s not matter of language barrier, but rather difference in perspective.

Don’t forget that girls are different from guys and take care of her.




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