Soy Sauce on pizza or ice cream?! Why do we love KIKKOMAN?




If you are a sushi lover, you probably know what Kikkoman is.

Kikkoman is famous for its soy sauce. Let’s see its history and story.



History of Kikkoman

Kikkoman Corporation has long history. At beginning, it was not called Kikkoman.


In 1661, Takanashi (高梨) family started to make soy sauce. In 1662, Mogi (茂木) family started to make miso and later joined Takanashi family to make soy sauce.

Both families kept making soy sauce and their soy sauce won a prize from World Exposition in 1873, which was held in Austria.

Takanashi and Mogi families established company called “Noda Soy Sauce Corporation” in 1917. Noda (野田) is a city in Chiba Prefecture and this is where they had a factory.





In 1927, their trademark became “Kikkoman” soy sauce in Tokyo market. They changed trademark to “Kikkoman” to all market in Japan in 1940.

In 1957, they opened an office in San Francisco, USA and developed international markets.

In 1980, they changed the company name to “Kikkoman Corporation.”

They matched the company name with their product name because one of the American buyers told them that:

US Buyer
Kikkoman is pretty popular in US and I’ve heard there is another company in Japan. It’s called Noda soy sauce, which is pretty famous in Japan.




It’s the same company! Man!




After this incident, Kikkoman decided to change its name.



Why is it Popular?



Kikkoman is pretty famous and popular in Japan. However, their sales are also good among international markets particularly in North America. Kikkoman’s share is about 30% within Japan.

In North America, on the other hand, its share is over 50%. That is, they make over 70% of profits from outside Japan.


One of the reasons why soy sauce is popular in North America is due to popularity of sushi. Most people use Kikkoman soy sauce whenever they eat sushi. Some people are addicted to soy sauce and they use it for anything… like pizza, ice cream, ramen, rice etc…


Another reason why soy sauce is popular is its taste. It’s not spicy or doesn’t have strong taste. The combination of sushi and soy sauce is the best! Japanese also use this traditional seasoning for other meals just like miso.



Not only Japanese but also foreigners love soy sauce. Kikkoman was the pioneer in soy sauce industry and has long history. They offer various products to make consumers happy and satisfied. Their slogan is “seasoning your life.”



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