Got a KIMONO PASSPORT? Let’s Try Awesome Discount Experience in Kyoto





Kyoto offers unique service for those who wear Kimono because it’s been promoting Kimono culture within Kyoto. Kimono passport gives them discounts and special deals in Kyoto. Don’t miss it if you plan to wear Kimono in Kyoto!



What is a Kimono Passport?



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Kimono Passport is a booklet that contains special discounts and offers for those who wear Kimono in Kyoto.

Anyone who wears Kimono can use it and get discounts. All you need is to get the booklet and wear Kimono when you use it.



Who can Use Kimono Passport?

Anyone who wears Kimono can take an advantage of this booklet! Just wear Kimono and bring it with you.

If you don’t have Kimono or don’t want to bring Kimono with you, you can also rent it in Kyoto.


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Where to Get Kimono Passport?

There are 7 places you can get a Kimono Passport in Kyoto. Below is a list of locations. If you prefer to get a booklet, go to one of the locations and get it.


-Kyoto Tourist Information Centre (京都総合観光案内所):Kyoto Station Building 2F

-Nishijin-ori Centre (西陣織会館): Jyo-kyo ward, Horikawa 【Map

-Kyoto city -Sensyoku Kogeika (京都府染織・工芸課): Zyo-kyo ward 【Map

-Kyoto City Hall (京都市役所、各区役所・支所): Kyoto city

-Main stations for Keihan Train and Hankyu Train (京阪電車、阪急電鉄の主要駅)

-Department store in Kyoto, such as Daimaru, Takashima-ya and Isetan (京都市内の大丸・高島屋・伊勢丹):Kyoto city

-Facilities, shops and event facility where Kimono Passport can be used



How to Use Kimono Passport?



There are 4 ways to use Kimono Passport. The most simple, easiest way is to bring a Kimono Passport booklet with you. The booklet has all the information you need. For instance, it shows where Kimono lovers can get discounts and what kind of offers they can receive.


Be aware that you cannot take Kyoto subway or bus for free even if you wear Kimono. Kimono is not required when receiving a booklet, but it’s required when actually using the booklet to get discount.


Another way is to bring a portable Kimono Passport with you. This portable card is attached to one of the pages of Kimono Passport. It’s smaller than booklet and easy to carry.


If you prefer using your smartphone, get an App. After downloading, tap a screen and it would show Kimono Passport. If you want to use it in Temples and Shrines, it’s better to get a booklet as smartphone App is not acceptable in these facilities.


The last way is to print out the passport from website. If you have a printer, print it out and bring it with you.



What kind of Discount does Kimono Passport Offer?



Some Temples and Shrines offer discount on administration fees. Others offer a free gift such as a post card or bookmark.

Some rental Kimono places offer discount on their plans, while museums offer reduced rate on administration fees.

Moreover, Kimono Passport is used to get discount in participated restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and event facilities. Check website or booklet to find out where you can get discount.




If you plan to rent Kimono in Kyoto, get a Kimono Passport and take advantage of the discount!

Most of places offer 10% discount or free gifts. Because it’s not easy to walk around with Kimono, it’s better to check and decide where to go before wearing Kimono.



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