How Much Does Japanese Kyabakura Charge? Why is it Popular?




As mentioned in article about “Host Club,” main customers in Host Clubs are women. Host Club is a place where male staff provide excellent and comfortable service to female customers.


Wait…… What about male customers? Is there any place they can go and have fun?


In Japan, there is a place called “Kyabakura”(キャバクラ:きゃばくら), where female staff entertain male customers.


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What is Kyabakura?

Let’s see what Kyabakura is. Why is it called Kyabakura? How do customers spend time in there?


Meaning of Kyabakura

Kyabakura comes from French word of “Cabaret” and English word of “Club.”

So Cabaret Club became Kyabakura.


Cabaret in Japan was popular between 1960s and 1970s and it had a clear price system.


Club in Japan doesn’t equal to night clubs in North America or Europe.

Club is very expensive and price system is usually not very clear. Thus, if you are drunk and order lots of drinks and stay for long hours, you might faint when seeing the bill.


The reason it comes from combination of French and English was because owners wanted to make their place sounded luxury with clear price systems.



What is Kyabakura Like?

Kyabarkura is a place where female staff provide drinks and food to customers. The customers are not necessarily male but most of them are men.

Just like Host Clubs, no sexual service is provided.

Kyabakura staff are usually in their early 20s and wear nice dresses and engage a conversation with customers.


Their dress don’t have to be sexy but usually it is and expensive.


Inside a Kyabakura




History of Kyabarkura

How was this fancy place “Kyabarkura” introduced?


A story began in Tokyo…..


Kyabakura in 1910s

A coffee shop in Ginza, Tokyo played an important role on history of Kyabakura.

At the coffee shop, women worked as a waitress and served drinks and food to customers during early 1910s. Other coffee shops opened and provided similar service.


The difference between a regular coffee shop and Kyabarkura-kind coffee shop was that it was more like bar and restaurant rather than ordinal coffee shops.


Some places started to offer alcoholic drinks and customers go there to enjoy conversation with female staff.


Kyabakura After 1930

In 1930, a coffee shop started to call itself “cabaret” and this kind of cabaret was used for business meeting or corporate entertainment.


It’s said that the first Kyabakura opened early 1980s in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Some university students worked at Kyabakura because pay was really good compared to other customer service.

Kyabarkua usually recruit young women aged between 18 and 25, but some have older staff.

Depends on area and needs by customers, they recruit certain age groups.



Kayaba-jyo (Kyabakura staff) with a nice red dress





How much Do You Need for Kyabakura?

If you never been to Kyabakura, you probably have no idea how much it costs. Let’s see what affects the price and price system for Kyabakura.


Area Matters

Cost of Kyabakura depends on area.

For instance, average cost in Roppongi is highest in Tokyo. As you can imagine, the cost goes down if it is away from central Tokyo.

For this reason, for instance, costs in Prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama are lower than that of Tokyo.


Price System

Kyabakura is not a regular coffee shop or restaurant, so customers need to pay set price.

This fee is usually for 50-60 minutes and ranges between 5,000 to 10,000 yen per person. It’s like administration fee.

If you want to stay longer, however, you need to pay extra. To extend stay for 30 minutes, for example, the fee would be additional 3,000 to 5,000 yen.

If you extend another 50 minutes (or 60 minutes depending on places), the fee would be additional 5,000 to 10,000 yen.



Another cost is charged if you request specific female staff.

During the first 50-60 minutes, cost would be 2,000-3,000 yen if requesting someone specific.

If you don’t request anyone, a few girls would come and talk to you and no extra fee is charged.




Moreover, you would need to pay for drinks for you and girls as well as service fee (kind of tips).

Some Kyabakura even charge service charge on credit card without telling you the detail, so be aware.


So, How Much does it Really Cost Per Visit?

If you drink and just chat with girls for 50 minutes, the cost would be below 10,000 yen.

Once you order drinks, however, the cost would jump up to 20,000 yen.

Needless to say, if you go with others, you need to pay more (e.g., if 3 people drink and request specific girls, it could cost 50,000 yen or more).




If you have never been to Kyabarkura, you might think how come it’s so expensive?

Why do Japanese go there and spend money?


I totally agree with you!


The reason Kyabakura is popular is, in my opinion, because it provides unrealistic time. Staff in Kyabakura is excellent at talking and listening to customers.

They dress very nicely, have some drinks and chat with customers. It’s very pleasant because they don’t criticize or judge you. Who doesn’t like it?


Some customers fall in love with Kyaba-jyo (キャバ嬢: きゃばじょう). This could happen in Host Clubs also.


Customers are trying to have connections with others and Kyabakura fulfills their needs. If you are interested in going to Kyabakura, I recommend you to check their price online so that you won’t faint when you see the bill.




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