Major Earthquakes in Japan 1900- 2016. What to Prepare for Earthquakes?







Japan has thousands of earthquakes every year.

If you stay in Japan for a year, you would probably experience earthquakes few times at least.


Today I’m going to introduce three major earthquakes in Japan between 1900 and 2016 and how to prepare for the natural disaster.




Three Major Earthquakes (1900-2016)


  1. Great Kanto Earthquake (関東大震災) in 1923


Magnitude: 8.3

Death Toll: 142,800


This earthquake happened just around noon, thus lots of people were cooking at that time. Due to the fact, most people were killed by fire caused by earthquake.

Tokyo had great damage as well as Kanagawa prefecture, Chiba prefecture, and Shizuoka prefecture.

It was one of the most devastating earthquakes in Japan after 1900.



  1. Great Hanshin Earthquake (阪神大震災) in 1995

Magnitude 7.3

Death Toll 6,434


This earthquake struck at 5:46 a.m. while people were sleeping.

Most of people were killed by furniture and building falling down.

Also many killed by fire. It was the biggest earthquake among those happened after 1950, until Tohoku Earthquake occurred in 2011.



  1. Tohoku Earthquake (東北大震災) in 2011

Magnitude: 9.0

Death Toll: 15,894 confirmed


This earthquake struck at 2:46 p.m. and I was in Tokyo when it occurred.

Although magnitude was smaller in Tokyo, we could tell something was wrong.

The major damage was caused by Tsunami in Tohoku area.

It was the most horrible, devastating natural disaster I’ve never seen in my life.

As you know, nuclear power stations were out of control and they had significant accidents.

Many lost homes, family and everything.



What to Prepare for Earthquakes?




When earthquake strikes, we all feel horrified and panic.

Here are 8 items you need to prepare in case of earthquakes.


  1. Water



We cannot survive without water even if we have other items.

If possible, store 2-3 littre per day (per person).

It’s said that people can survive over a month without food as long as they have water. Water is that important.


  1. Flashlight

Smart phones are not very practical when it comes to earthquake.

My phone has flashlight but the battery would die quickly when I use it.

It’s important to have flashlight because lifeline will be disrupted and it may take long time to get back to normal.


  1. Canned Food

Just like water, we need to have some food.

Canned food is great because it lasts longer than other food.

It is also easy to carry. Get some canned food so that you won’t be starving.

There are various canned food in Japan: some examples are fish, vegetable, bread, congee and fruits.



  1. Tissue paper

This is another practical item you want to prepare.

After big earthquake, your house might be burned down to the ground, or Tsunami might hit and destroy your home.

Clean tissue is especially helpful when you have injuries or clean faces.

You could also use this when you go to washroom.


  1. Emergency Food

Emergency food is something you can eat without cooking.

For instance, chocolate, bars, cereal, clackers and snacks.

You might want  to prepare those food at least for a week.



  1. Radio

There will be no lifeline after huge earthquake, therefore it is crucial to collect information by radio.

Cell phone will be out of service and there is no way you can use the Internet. It’s pretty speedy to get lifeline back in Japan, but still it takes a few days depending on damages.



  1. Credit Card and Money

Cards and money don’t directly help your life but don’t forget to bring these!

After lifeline gets back to normal, you might need to use credit cards and money to get food, drinks and other items.


  1. Helmet



This is to protect your head. When you are evacuated, watch out for falling objects.

Getting injury on head may kill you.

Pay extra attention when moving from one place to another.



Earthquake is unpredictable and we never know when it happens.

Let’s prepare basic items so that we can manage to survive until lifeline is back.




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