Why is Japanese Manga so Popular? 4 Reasons why People are Addicted to Japanese Comics




Do you read Japanese comic books? What Manga do you like the most?

Let’s talk about appeals of Japanese comic books today!



Breathtaking Drawings

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Most of the Japanese comic creators know how to attract readers with their drawings. Although depending on the genre and authors, their drawings are usually precise and alluring.


I’ve never seen such detailed drawings in other countries. I shouldn’t compare but when I saw comic books from the US first time, I was shocked.

“Oh my god, not cute at all. Too real. Kids look like old human beings…”

It’s fine because that’s American drawing styles. Nothing is wrong with that.



Beautiful drawings and graphics are very important element of Manga. If drawings look awful, you won’t feel like reading the Manga.


If drawings are pretty attractive, you will want to read it. Drawings are powerful and Japanese comic writers practice a lot to satisfy their fans.



Impressive Plot

Another reason why Japanese comic books are popular is because of impressive plots. Plots do matter.

All Manga have different plots and some are so unpredictable.

Those Manga make you read more and more. You want to keep reading them.


Some are funny and emotional, while others are heartbreaking and exciting.

It’s very interesting to read various Manga from different genre.



Attractive (Adorable) Characters



Source: http://arukunews.jp/


Characters play very important roles on comics. Whether they are main characters or sub-main characters, they make the story.


Japanese Manga writers are good at creating adorable characters. Even if they are not good-looking (usually they are), readers would love their traits.

The creators know what kind of characters readers want to see. They know what kind of characters can make a great story.



Educative Contents

For those parents who never read comic books think that reading comics is a waste of time. They might say “don’t read Manga! You better study.”


But I have to say that

“Reading Manga is not a waste of time. It’s worth reading because it educates and makes you think. It could change your point of view and life.”


Sometimes it’s easier and straightforward to learn from Manga. For instance, some comics are based on accurate information so that we know what is like to be a doctor, a teacher or a criminal.

You don’t have to experience on your own, but you can learn what is like to be “something.” You might be interested in being detective because you read Case Closed (Detective Conan).


Manga has a lot of possibilities.




When I was a kid, I wanted to be a comic writer.


I loved Manga and used to buy monthly comic magazines. Manga was a part of my life and influenced the way I thought.


Now I don’t buy comic magazines and gave up to be a Manga writer.


I think some parents don’t like if their children read comics because it takes children’s time. Children, especially when they are young, tend to read and spend so many hours on comics.

They can literally read forever. That’s why parents don’t want to give lots of Manga to their children. They want children to study and play rather than reading comics.



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