What is MANGA KISSA? Manga Cafe’s History and Interesting Services




Have you been to Manga Kissa? Manga Kissa is a special cafe that offers various kinds of comics and services.

In this post I introduce its brief history, its services and how to enjoy it.



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Do you like Japanese Manga (comics books)?

I love Manga because it is fun, touching and impressive.

It also makes me think and gives me different point of view.

I can even learn history or what professionals do.


Manga is one of the popular cultures in Japan.


Today I’m going to talk about Manga Kissa (漫画喫茶) or Manga Cafe, the place where you can enjoy comics with drinks.


Kissa means cafe or cafeteria. Manga Cafe has been changed and it also provides the Internet, and in some places you can even take a shower.  




History of Manga Kissa (Manga Cafe)

Manga Kissa is heaven for comic lovers.

How did it start?


It is said that one coffee shop started to have comics to attract customers.

It was in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.

The owner was thinking how to attract customers to make the business successful.


At first, the owner offered drinks and free Manga.

He was happy because the number of customers increased.

However, there was a problem.


Those customers stayed at his coffee shop for few hours with one drink. They wanted to keep reading rather than having something to drink.


It was not effective way to gather customers and make business successful.



Then other places copied his idea and came up with the idea of providing Manga within fixed time.


It was successful and Manga Kissa became very popular in Japan.



What Manga Kissa (Manga Cafe) Offers?

Manga Kissa have been evolved and they offer various services.

For instance, one can have drinks (usually pops or tea), read comics, use the Internet, take a shower, get some snacks and sleep in the Manga Cafe.


It usually provides an individual booth so that one can even sleep in there.

Some people go there to sleep after missing their last train at night because it is cheaper than hotel.

Individual Booth in Manga Kissa




How to Enjoy Manga Kissa (Manga Cafe)


When you enter a Manga Cafe, there is a counter by the entrance. You need to choose plan and make payment there.


Step 1: Choose Plan and Make Payment


When you first register, you might be asked to show ID.

Choose how long you want to stay there.

Depends on Manga Kissa, there are different plans, packages and prices.


For example, at one place, minimum stay is 30 minutes and you can also pick 3 hours, 5 hours etc.


Step 2: Grab Drinks, Comic Books and Enjoy Your Stay


Some have showers and private booths. Ask if shower is free because some places charge for shower. And you need to pay for a towel if you rent one.

Some people go there to take a shower and enjoy Manga in the private room.


The private room is small and only a couple people can fit in depending on types of the room.


Some open 24/7 and offer the Internet, Karaoke, billiards, table tennis, darts, drinks and food.



To sum up, Manga Kissa is unique popular culture in Japan.

If you like Manga, try once while you are in Japan.






Not only children but also grown-ups enjoy comics.

Manga Kissa is an interesting place to visit.

It is cheap and easy to find in major cities.


Even if you are not Manga lover, it is fun to visit.

Some people go there with friends or girlfriend/boyfriends.




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