Manners at All You Can Eat Restaurant




All you can eat buffet in Japan is different from that of Canada.

In Canada, I’ve been to all you can eat for Japanese and Chinese food.

We order at the table and waitress would bring the food.


However, in Japan, you would go to choose your food from tables.


I don’t mind either way but I think I like to go choose by myself.

That way I can see and choose what I want.

Small cakes and desserts are very attractive to me.




Here is a list of basic manners at all you can eat restaurant.


  1. Forget about All You Can Eat

If you try to eat as much as you want, you might eat too much.

Yes, it is all you can eat. You want to eat as much as possible because you pay for it!

Nevertheless, it’s essential to enjoy meals just like regular restaurant.


When I was a high school student, for instance, I used to go to all you can eat place.

I usually ate beyond my capacity and sometimes felt sick.

I regret after eating but repeated the same thing later on.


  1. Don’t Get Too Much Food on a Plate

You might think that having lots of food on a plate saves you trip.

It doesn’t look nice if you have too much food on a plate.

You don’t have to decorate like a professional chef, however, it is ideal to get right amount of food on a plate.

Moreover, use individual tongs and don’t mix food.




  1. Think Before Taking

When you get food on your plate, think how much you want to eat.

Or think how much you can eat.

If you get too much on your plate, don’t put food back.

If you take food, you better finish by yourself.


  1. Think What to Eat

When you are in line, think what you want to eat.

Check the dishes while person in front of you is getting food.

Try not to block others from getting food.

If you cannot decide, let people behind you go first.


  1. Use New Plate

When you go back to get some more food, you can use new plate.

Also, don’t pile plates up.

You can leave the old plate on the table and waitress would take care of it.



I don’t like to go all you can eat restaurant anymore because I cannot eat a lot compared to before.

I hope parents teach proper manners to children so that they won’t waste food.


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