Traveling Real MIYAGI? 4 Places to Visit in MIYAGI Prefecture




Miyagi has delicious food and beautiful places for sightseeing.

Here are 4 places to visit in Miyagi prefecture.


1, Matsushima (松島)


It is a group of island and located in Matsushima Harbour.

There are shops and places you could go, but here are two popular places.


Museum of Glass by Fujita Kyohei (藤田喬平ガラス美術館)

Fujita Kyohei was a famous Glass artist.

Check the Glass Chapel in the garden.

It’s gorgeous and you can view Matsushima Harbour.

Matsushima Cruise (松島島巡り遊覧船)

You can also take cruise (遊覧船) and enjoy the view and breeze.






2. Katanuma (潟沼)


It is lake and located in Osaki city (大崎市).

Its colour is very magnificent and you can rent a boat to go to centre of the lake.

Depends on weather and directions, colour of water would change.


Some people say that being in the middle of the lake makes them feel as if they are in a movie.

If you want to feel that moment, let’s rent a boat!


There are a restaurant and ashiyu (foot hot spring) so that you can walk around, rent a boat, eat and enjoy ashiyu.



3. Okama (御釜)





It is crater lake created by volcanic eruption and located between Zaou cho (蔵王町) and Kawasaki cho (川崎町).

It is open between May and the beginning of November.

Its colour is usually green. However, the sun would change its colour so it is also called Goshiki lake (五色沼), which means five-coloured lake.

Its water has strong acid thus no organism lives there.


Miyagi Zao Okama




4. Sendai Izumi Premium Outlet (仙台泉プレミアムアウトレット)


If you love shopping, visit this outlet!

This outlet was open in 2008 and their design is similar to outlets in North America.

It is located in Sendai City, Izumi ward.


They have Japanese brand such as Beams and As know As, and international brand such as Coach, Gap etc…


There is a shopping mall called Izumi Park Town TAPIO next to the outlet.

Tapio has different kinds of restaurants and shops.


Some people go both places and shop until drop.



I’ve been to Sendai city (仙台市) and Matsushima (松島) in Miyagi prefecture.

There are a lot to do but one thing I want to recommend you is to eat Gyu tan! (beef tongue).

It’s famous in Sendai. It’s so tender and I can eat it everyday!

If you visit Sendai, don’t miss it!!




 - Travel 47

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