Helicopter Parent? 4 Symptoms of MONSTER PARENTS You Want to Know




Monster Parents have got attention because of TV drama and media.

It’s a little bit different from Toxic Parents. Although it’s not exactly the same, it’s more like Helicopter Parents.


Monster Parents pay extremely close attention to their children and complain unreasonably to schools and teachers.



4 Symptoms of Monster Parents

Here is a list of 4 symptoms that may trigger Monster Parents.



1. Child Neglect

Those who neglect children tend to be Monster Parents. They don’t pay sufficient attention to their children to provide clothing, food, supervision, nutrition, and mental as well as physical needs.


They don’t care about their children.

For instance, they don’t go pick up children when their children have a fever at preschool or kindergarten. They might not answer calls from school and ignore.




2. No Communication with Other Parents

Parents used to communicate with other parents to exchange information and share their children’s issues or problems.


For example,

Parent A
I’m worried that my son is bad at math so he doesn’t like it 

Parent B
Oh, that’s okay. My daughter doesn’t like math either. But she likes biology. Maybe your son can find something interesting for him?


However, those parents who don’t communicate with others don’t know what is going on in school.

They have no idea what their teachers do at school.

Then they will be extremely anxious and repeatedly call school and ask if everything is fine. They might complain something unreasonable.

They have no other source of information, thus they complain to teachers and school.



3. Not Happy with Their Lives



If people are not happy with their lives, they tend to get angry and upset easily.

They might think something like this:

Parent C
 Life is not fair… I’ll complain and release my stress! 

Parent D
 Why Student A got a prize but my daughter got nothing

Some Monster Parents are angry all the time and release their anger and stress by arguing with others. I don’t think there are “Happy” Monster Parents as happiness doesn’t make people argue or complain.


4. Excess Interference

Another Monster Parent Symptom is excess protection or interference in children’s life. This symptom is very similar to that of Helicopter Parents.

They want to monitor what their children do and what other children do and say to them.

They want to make sure that their children live in a safe, comfortable place. Their request is usually extreme and unrealistic.

For example, they might ask school:


Parent E
Can you cancel sport day (運動会) because my son doesn’t run fast and cannot get a prize?

Parents are supposed to cooperate to practice how to run fast, but Monster Parents rather want to eliminate the sport day itself. They don’t think about other children at all. 


Parent F
 When you take a picture in school, make sure that tall students don’t come next to my son. Having tall students next to him makes him look short and that’s not good for him.

This is another unrealistic statement but Monster Parents say this kind of thing.



Monster Parents have been increasing in Japan. Social insecurity, lost social connection and self-centered point of view are problematic.

Certain people are more likely to be Monster Parents.

Victims are not only teachers and schools, but also their children. Children need adequate care and love so that they can develop physically and mentally.


It might be difficult to eliminate Monster Parents. However, I do hope that people respect each other and don’t complain about something unreasonable.



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