MONSTER PARENTS: 6 Features and Their Unbelievable Requests




Have you heard of Monster parents? Let’s find out what they are and what they do. It’s unbelievable but they do exist.



Monster Parents?

When I was a kid, I never heard of this expression. The past few years, the number of problems caused by Monster Parents has been increasing and it is one of the social problems in Japan.


What are Monster Parents?

They are not monsters. They are parents of human beings.

The reason they are called Monster Parents is because they complain in an unreasonable way and excessively interfere with their children.

Those Monster Parents are selfish and have no common sense thus it’s very difficult to deal with them. Schools and teachers have headaches due to them. Some teachers develop depression and quit school due to Monster Parents.

What makes Monster Parents?


6 Features of Monster Parents

Here are 6 features that Monster Parents have.


1. Insist their Right

This kind of Monster Parents love to talk about the law and human right.

For instance, if a child was sick for a few days and didn’t go to school, they would ask refund on lunch fee. They would argue that it is their right.


2. Child Neglect

Some parents neglect and they don’t want to take care of their children.

For example, they don’t prepare breakfast for children, or they don’t go pick up children even when their children have a fever.

They don’t have interest in their children and they only focus on their work and time.


3. Excess Protection or Interference



Most of the cases, children should be able to deal with problems and solve by themselves. Some parents, however, cannot stop interfering in children’s lives.

For instance, they order (not request but order) teachers to change classmate. They might ask teachers to form a group that can run fast in competition. They might ask teachers to let their child play the piano because she is good at.



4. Dependent on School

Parents should take care of children, but this kind of Monster Parents think that school should be responsible.

For example, they might ask schools to make breakfast because they don’t have enough time. They might also ask school to wash uniforms because they don’t want to wash at home.



5. Mention Status and Power

Some Monster Parents might argue that they donate so much money to school, so that school must listen to them.

This especially happens in private schools where schools accept donation from parents of students.

They might threat school to obey their request, or they will not donate any penny next year.


In addition, some parents threat teachers by mentioning they have support from Yakuza, Japanese gang.

They want to control teachers and show violent behaviour or insult teachers.



6. No Moral or Common Sense

They think they are right.

They think they can do whatever they want to.

They think that teachers have to listen to them no matter what.


What’s moral? Common Sense? Referring common sense or moral doesn’t work for Monster Parents.



What Monster Parents Do


What do Monster Parents actually do? Here are things they would say.

It’s unbelievable but based on teachers’ experience.



At Preschool:

Monster Parent A
 I’ll be late for work. Can you change diaper for my daughter? 

Teacher A
I’m not a nanny, why don’t you do by yourself?


Monster Parent B
 I have no time to prepare breakfast in the morning. If you prepare breakfast for children, can you prepare for parents too? We pay so no problem, right?

Teacher B
You better go to restaurant


Monster Parent C
Can you give my child a prize? Other children got a prize and my child got none last week. That’s not fair. 

Teacher C
Children have to work hard to get a prize



Teacher took cell phone away because D was playing game during class. 

Monster Parent D
 I bought that cell phone. That’s mine not D’s. Give it back to me 

Teacher D


At Elementary School:

Monster Parent E
My child doesn’t know how to swim. Cancel the swimming competition!

Teacher E
Just because E doesn’t know how to swim, how can we cancel it?  


Monster Parent F
My child had a fight with classmate on the way home. I will sue school so you pay

Teacher F


Most of Elementary schools in Japan provide lunch:

Monster Parent G
My daughter was sick for a week and didn’t come to school. Give me back lunch fee for her absence

Teacher G


Monster Parent H
 You teachers should be responsible to check children’s homework. Check their homework before they go home

Teacher H
Homework is to do at home. Why do we have to check?


Monster Parent I
Someone is dating in your class but it’s too early to date. Can you tell them to break up?

Teacher I
I think that’s none of your business?




To sum up, monster parents are selfish adults who use their children as an excuse.

If I were a teacher and had to deal with them everyday, I would go crazy.

Teachers and schools must have very difficult time these days…




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