When is Mother’s Day in Japan? How do the Japanese Celebrate?




Mother’s Day in Canada is May 13th this year, 2018.

How about Japan? Is there any Mother’s Day in Japan?



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When is Mother’s Day in Japan?


Mother’s Day is Japan is the same as North America. So it is the second Sunday of May. This year, 2018, it is May 13th.

Wherever you go in Japan, you notice signs and promotions say “Mother’s Day.” But Japan didn’t have Mother’s Day early 1900s.


The very first Mother’s Day was celebrated in the United States in 1908.

Anna Jarvis started to promote Mother’s Day as a day to respect and appreciate all mothers in 1905. After 1908, Mother’s Day was gradually adapted to various countries.


Depending on countries, people celebrate Mother’s day differently: some celebrate in March, May and others celebrate February, November… etc.



History of Mother’s Day in Japan



Before the Second World War, Japan had a different date for Mother’s Day.

It was March 6th, which was the birthday of the Empress (mother of current Emperor) back then.

During the Second World War, the Japanese were not allowed to celebrate Western customs so they didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day.


In 1949, the date of Mother’s Day officially became the second Sunday of May and the Japanese started to celebrate it once again.



What do Japanese do on Mother’s Day?


Below are typical things that Japanese do on Mother’s Day.


Give Gift to Her

Gift could be anything.

Popular ones are flowers, cakes, cards and accessories.

She will be happy to get anything from you for sure.



Take Her to Dinner

If she likes eating, this is a great option.

You could take her to a fancy place or her favorite place. Make a day special for her!


Take Her to Shopping

Women love shopping. So do mothers!

Get out of the house and get something for her. She will enjoy shopping with you. She doesn’t necessarily have to buy something. Just window shopping is fine too.


Spend Time with Children

This is probably the best thing you could do as a daughter or son.

Just spend a day with your mother. Even if you do nothing special for her, she will be happy to be with you.




Some Japanese celebrate Mother’s Day but it’s totally fine if you don’t celebrate.

I used to write a card to my mom, buy a cake or gift but I stopped doing that after high school.

I stopped because I realized it’s all about commercialization. So for me, birthday is more important. I celebrate her birthday but not Mother’s Day.



How about you? How do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your country?




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