Height and Basic Information of Mt. Fuji You Want to Know




Beautiful mountains and ocean surround Japan.

Do you know what the highest mountain in Japan is?


It is Mount Fuji and its height is 3,776.12 metres.

It is located in Shizuoka prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture.





Major Eruptions of Mt. Fuji


11,000 years ago, Mount Fuji had a huge volcanic eruption.

It spread lava on the mountain and changed own shape.


About 2500- 2800 years ago, sector collapse (debris avalanche) occurred so that Mt. Fuji changed its shape again.


There were huge earthquakes and eruptions between 800 and 802.


In 1707, a big earthquake caused volcanic eruption and it lasted for 2 weeks.


It left 40 cm of ash around Mt. Fuji area, while it left 4 cm of ash in Edo (Tokyo) area. It was the last eruption until now , 2016.



How to Enjoy Mt. Fuji




Most people go to Mount Fuji between July and the beginning of September.

It is very dangerous to climb in winter unless you are a professional climber, so you better go in summer.


There are 4 trails you could take.

  1. Fujinomiya Trail
  2. Yoshida Trail
  3. Gotemba Trail
  4. Subashiri Trail


Over 60% of people go to Yoshida trail because it is not that difficult.

You might want to try this trail if you visit Mt. Fuji first time or if you don’t hike that often.



Hikers usually go up to 5th station by car or bus.

Be aware, however, that summer gets extremely busy and there will be traffic on the way and in the parking.


Getting Ready to Climb

Moreover, if you don’t have any equipment and gear, you can rent.

The basic set includes a waterproof jacket, pants, shoes, a backpack, trekking poles and a headlamp.


While the price is around 10,000 yen per day for basic set, prices and items vary depending on your needs.


If you have all necessary equipment, get ready and enjoy!


If you prefer to go with other people, there is a tour you could join.

It usually starts at 5th station and goes to summit. More and more sole hikers participate in a tour.

I think it is a great idea to join a tour because you feel safe and you won’t get lost.



Mt. Fuji is famous and popular among international travelers. It is a beautiful mountain, so people need to maintain good condition.


Plan ahead to go there so that you would have necessary things and be prepared. Don’t forget mountains that weather in mountain change pretty quickly.




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