Here are 5 Secrets why Naruto is Popular and Well-Known Japanese Manga




Have you read Naruto? Perhaps you’ve watched on TV or the Internet?

Naruto is one of the most popular Japanese mangas without any doubt.

I’m going to explain why it’ s been so popular.



What is Naruto?




Naruto is Japanese manga series and first episode was published in 1999. Since then, its chapters continued for almost 15 years and published 700 episodes all together.


Although it was originally started as manga, Naruto anime was also created in 2002.


Naruto is a Ninja and meets friends, mentors and enemies throughout the series. He is young and not strong mentally and physically at the beginning, but he grows up as he overcomes fights, difficulties and crises with his Ninja teammates.



Naruto’s Secret 1: Ninja

The most attractive keyword in Naruto is “Ninja.”

Ninja sounds cool.

Ninja is smart and strong.

Who hates Ninja?


Even if you don’t know much about Ninja, Ninja comic books seem pretty attractive.

Because it’s fiction, some Ninja in Naruto use supernatural power.

Real Ninja doesn’t have such power.


Find out what real Ninja is likeSecret Spy? Life of NINJA



Naruto’s Secret 2: Characters

The main character of Naruto is Naruto Uzumaki and he is a young boy at the beginning of series.

He manages Ninja exams and missions with Sakura and Sasuke. Their instructor, Kakashi, trains and supports them.

Every character in Naruto is stunning and it’s difficult to pick one for your favorite.


I personally like Rock Lee. His hair style looks nerdy but I like his spirit. He is ambitious and has very high self-esteem.

What is your favorite character?



Naruto’s Secret 3: Friendships


Naruto is not only about Naruto Uzumaki but also about other Ninja.

He meets lots of people and builds good relationships with some of them.

They cooperate and fight together to defeat the opponents.


Some of Ninja have painful past and memories but they support each other to keep moving forward.



Naruto’s Secret 4: Challenges



Naruto keeps challenging throughout series. He never gives up.

At very first part of series, he fails Ninja exams three times but doesn’t give up.

He also has battles with the past, other Ninja and himself.


His strong belief to be a professional Ninja influences and encourages readers.


Challenge is typical in comic books or any sort of stories and it’s essential to magnetize readers’ attention.



Naruto’s Secret 5: Exciting Plots

As you read Naruto comic books, you cannot stop because you want to keep reading. You don’t know what is going to happen next. Very unpredictable.


It’s unpredictable and thrilling. To be honest, 700 chapters are long.

You cannot read them all at once.


But when you read them time flies so quickly and you would be surprised how much time you have spent (or money you have spent).


Don’t read before exam or presentation.

Otherwise you would perform badly due to lack of sleep!





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Naruto is truly one of the most famous Japanese manga.

The major fans are male readers but female readers can also enjoy and share the excitement.


If you haven’t read comic books, it’s worth reading.

It just takes time to read all 700 chapters.


Anime version of Naruto is relatively shorter so you might want to start with Anime first if you don’t have enough time.




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