Rice Crackers, Lovely Cape and Birds: 3 Tourist Attractions in NIIGATA Prefecture




Niigata has a lot of snow in winter and it is one of the popular destinations for winter sports.

But what else does it have?


In this post I introduce 3 places to visit in Niigata prefecture.



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Niigata Rice Cracker Kingdom




If you love rice crackers, don’t miss this fun Kingdom!

Located in Niigata City (新潟市), this place helps you to learn about Japanese rice crackers (せんべい).


You can participate in making special rice crackers for yourself.

The staff would show you how to make rice crackers and you can draw anything on them with soy sauce. Make your special Senbei (rice cracker)!

They are so big!


You can also see how rice crackers are made.

It’s free and anyone is welcome.


They also have special ice cream with rice crackers and deep-fried rice crackers. Try those and get some souvenir for yourself and your family.



Lover’s Cape (恋人岬: Koibito Misaki)





Koibito means a couple and misaki means cape in Japanese.


As its name suggests, it is popular destination for couples.

You can, of course, go there with friends and family as well.

It is located in Kashiwazaki City (柏崎市) and it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo.


There is an esplanade or promenade in the cape. After parking your car, take the esplanade and head to view point.


Check two view points and go to observatory platform.

You would see hundreds of thousands of heart-shaped plastic plates there.

Couples usually write messages or wishes and tie the plate up together because it makes them happy forever as a couple.


It’s a nice place to visit with your partner and spend a quiet time.



Fukushimagata Lagoon Water Park (福島潟)





It is located in Niigata City (新潟市).

This place is filled with lots of energetic lives of birds and plants.

Over 220 kinds of wild birds would drop by this park to migrate during winter and they attract birdwatchers.

There are over 450 kinds of plants as well.


You can also learn history of the park.

Go to View Fukushimagata, which is a building where you can enjoy 360 degrees view.

They have short films and exhibitions upstairs.




Last Comment

If you love winter sports, try Echigo Yuzawa hot spring area.

It’s perfect to ski or snowboard and take hot spring after.

In summer, enjoy beautiful nature and fireworks!





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