Japanese Secret Spy!? LIfe of NINJA as SHINOBI




I’m sure you’ve heard of “Ninja.”

But do you actually know what it is?


Today I’m going to introduce basic information on Ninja.



What is Ninja?


Ninja is a person or group of people who worked as spies during Kamakura period and Edo period (1185-1868). It is also called Shinobi (忍び).


Some had masters and worked for them, whereas others worked independently without masters.


Their duties included intelligence assessment, infiltration tactics, sabotage, and assassination.


They were trained mentally and physically and used Ninjutu (忍術) to accomplish their missions.


ninja 2



History of Ninja


There were over 70 clans and the most famous ones were Iga (伊賀) and Koga (甲賀) clans.


Iga was located in Mie prefecture (三重県) and Koga was located in Shiga prefecture(滋賀県).


They had secret training places and used mountains to master their Ninjutu.

Because those places were remote, they could concentrate and created best Ninja groups.



Iga Ninja (伊賀忍者)




Iga Ninja worked for masters and they were sent to prefectures of Kyoto(京都), Nara(奈良), Wakayama(和歌山) and Shiga(滋賀).


It is said that they were sent to light fire during night so that their masters could defeat the opponents.





Weapons were essential to accomplish duties.

Here are my favorite 2 weapons.


Shuriken (手裏剣) was thrown at opponents.

It’s literally means “sword behind hands.”

Ninja would throw it at opponents when they were chased.

There were different shapes and Ninja used to carry a couple of them all the time.


ninja 3



Metsubusi (目つぶし) was used to block opponents sights and run away.

Ninja usually put something like pepper, chili, or toxic chemicals into a small container and blew it when they ran from the opponents.

They blew into opponent’s face so that the opponent lost their sight temporally.


I would say it was an old-version of pepper spray.





Ninja is mysterious groups and that attracts people.

If you know more about Ninja, you could visit Nihon Kagaku Miraikan (日本科学未来館) in Tokyo.


It is near Funeno Kagakukan station (船の科学館) or Terecome Centre station (テレコムセンター) on Yurikamome Line.


It’s called “The Ninja” and opens until October 10, 2016.



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