“Washlet, Medals, Smoking, LGBT” 4 Projects Promoted for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games




2020 Summer Olympics is taken place in Tokyo. Japanese government is excited to welcome tourists and athletes to Tokyo.

This post explains 4 projects that Japanese government is working on or should work on for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.



Project 1: Washlet (Toilet)


Washroom in Japan is different from other countries. Yes, it is usually smaller. But the main difference is toilet itself.

Japanese washlet is popular and you can see it in most hotels, offices, department stores, shopping malls and restaurants in Japan.

It has a panel to control large or small flush, lid and seat etc… and its seat is slightly heated so you won’t jump when you use it during winter.


9 major companies that make washlet, including TOTO, have announced the standardization of pictograms on control panels.


Source: http://kaden.watch.impress.co.jp


(from left to right) Large flush, Small flush, Raise the lid, Raise the seat

(bottom, from left to right) Stop, Rear spray, Bidet, Dry



Because the panel doesn’t show in English, many foreigners get confused when using such toilet.


Japanese manufactures and government are hoping to provide the clean and best washrooms for 2020 Olympic Games to foreigners.




Project 2: Olympic Medals


2020 Olympics in Tokyo goes green!

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games have announced that Olympic medals would be made by recycled electronics waste.


Those electronics would be contributed by Japanese. The collection boxes will be set in the offices and telecommunication stores in April 2017. If you are in Japan and want to contribute something to Olympics, you could donate your old smartphone.


The Olympic Committee aims to collect 8 tons of metal to produce 2 tons of useable material, which could make about 5,000 Olympic medals.




Project 3: Restriction on Smoking in Public




If you are a smoker, you must be happy to live in Japan.

10 years ago, you could literally smoke in anywhere.

On the street, in the train stations, on taxi, coffee shops, offices and restaurants…..


It’s been changing so there are more restrictions on smoking in public place.

For example, smokers are not allowed to smoke on taxi, on the street (business district in cities), and many restaurants and coffee shops divide space for non-smokers and smokers.

But for non-smokers, this division is totally useless because they would still get smell and smoke anyways.

As a result, some people argue that the regulation should be changed and smoking inside the buildings should be banned just like other countries.


I hope Japanese government consider ban of smoking inside the buildings by 2020 Olympics, otherwise they will never change the regulation.




Project 4: LGBT Friendly Environment


As a large number of tourists is expected to visit Japan during the 2020 Olympic Games, Japanese government needs to prepare for the diverse guests.


For instance, accommodations in Japan need to discuss how to provide service to LGBT guests and educate staff (i.e., if two guys books for a room with a double bed, don’t change to two twin beds. They are couple and need the double bed).


LGBT communities in Japan expect for 2020 Tokyo Olympics to make LGBT friendly environment.





2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is coming in 3 years. We still have 3 years but it’s quick.

Japanese government must keep moving and preparing for these exciting games.


I hope Japanese government and Japanese respect all the people, including athletes and tourists, to impress the world!




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