Samsung Note 7 Exploded! Is Samsung in Japan Safe?

  2016/10/15    Uncategorized

スポンサーリンク   You’ve probably heard the news “Samsung Blew up” in the States and Korea. What about Japan? Is it safe to use Galaxy?   Incidents Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was first introduced at “Galaxy Unpacked 2016” in New York. …

How Come Japanese Drink Alcohol Everyday Yet Healthy and Live Long?

  2016/10/15    Leisure

スポンサーリンク     Do you like alcohol? What do you usually drink? Japanese like drinking alcohol and some drink almost everyday. But they cannot drink a lot. In this article I’m going to discuss why Japanese drink alcohol everyday.  

Plum and Garlic: 6 Items Good for Hangover after Fun Party

  2016/10/15    Food

スポンサーリンク   After a fun party, you feel sick and exhausted…… I’m sure you have experienced this terrible “hangover” at least once if you like drinking! What do you do when you have a hangover? Do you do something special? …

You Must Try This Comfy KOTATSU in Japan!

  2016/10/13    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Japan is a small country but some area like Okinawa gets really hot during summer and some areas like Hokkaido or Tohoku get really cold during winter.   Question: How do Japanese survive cold, harsh winter? Answer: Use …

New Year’s Money? What is OTOSHIDAMA Custom in Japan?

  2016/10/13    New Year's Day/Eve

スポンサーリンク   Did you know Japanese children get special pocket money on New Year’s Day? It’s one of traditional Japanese custom. As a child, I was very excited to get money every year. Let’s see the history of Otoshidama and …

Over 893 Prizes! Facts of Great Recipients of NOBEL PRIZE 2016

  2016/10/12    Events

スポンサーリンク   Every year in October, people talk about the Nobel Prize. Do you know why it is called the Nobel Prize? When did it begin? In this article I’m going to briefly introduce what the Nobel Prize is. Also …

How Much Does Japanese Kyabakura Charge? Why is it Popular?

  2016/10/11    Leisure

スポンサーリンク   As mentioned in article about “Host Club,” main customers in Host Clubs are women. Host Club is a place where male staff provide excellent and comfortable service to female customers.   Wait…… What about male customers? Is there …

Is it Fashionable? Why Japanese Wear Surgical Masks Everywhere?

  2016/10/09    Culture

If you get on train during winter, you would probably surprise that almost all Japanese wear surgical masks. Why? Are they infected or trying to do something bad??   In this post I’m going to discuss why Japanese love to wear …

3 Reasons why Young Japanese are Obsessed with Popular Movie “YOUR NAME.”

  2016/10/08    Leisure

スポンサーリンク   Do you watch movies? If you do, don’t forget to check “Your Name.” (kimino na-ha:君の名は 。) It’s a big hit in Japan and it has been the highest grossing film since it was released at the end of August. …

Secrets of Japanese HOST CLUB where Host Makes 2 million Every Month

  2016/10/06    Culture

スポンサーリンク Host Clubs provide female customers a fun time. Hosts talk to customers and drink with them. Some female customers would visit Host Club every week and spend a lot.

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