Life in Japan: Definition and Basic Information on Parasite Single You Want to Know




The number of Parasite singles has been increasing in Japan. What is a Parasite single? If you’ve never heard of it before, it sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?



Definition of Parasite Single

Parasite single is a Japanese term to describe mature singles that live with their parents. They are dependent on their parents to access secure place to live.

Most of Parasite Singles are in their 20s and 30s and both women and men are included.


In North America, children would usually leave home after high school, if not university. They need to be independent and go to school or work on their own.

In Japan, however, it depends on area. For instance, women used to live with their parents until they got married and it was not considered as social problem.





Problem with Parasite Single




People started to see Parasite Singles as problematic because Japanese government had argued that it might have caused a dramatic increase in the number of single individuals.

That is, those Single Parasites don’t have to pay rent and food so that they can use their money on other things, such as hobbies, clothing, accessaries, lessons etc…

They would think that they can save money and enjoy whatever they want to do as long as they live with their parents.

When they think of marriage, they would be concerned that the amount of money they can spend for themselves would decrease and they’d have to control their budget. Less money and less freedom, indeed.

As a result, some Parasite Singles consider marriage as cons and they lose motivation to marry someone and leave home.



Stat on Parasite Single

According to survey, about 42% of young adults age 25-34 in Japan live with their parents (based on survey done 2010-2014). Tunisia is the 1st place with 66%, while Taiwan is the 2nd with 54%.

Although Japan is 7th among 58 countries, 42% is almost half of the single individuals. Mexico is 19%, whereas German is 15%. The USA and New Zealand are 9.5% and 8.5% respectively.

Those countries have much lower number of Parasite Singles.



2 Main Reasons Why People Become Parasite Single

1. Comfortable Environment


You’ve been living in a place since you were small children. It’s totally comfortable and nice to be at home!

Some Parasite Singles might cook, go shopping and wash the dishes, while other parasite singles might not cook or go shopping.

Moreover, some pay partial rent to parents, whereas others don’t pay anything and totally dependent on their parents.


2. Save Money

Some Parasite Singles live with their parents on purpose to save money for their house.

It is very expensive to purchase an apartment or house in cities. Even if you just rent a room, it could cost a lot.


Thus, if they don’t have to pay rent, they try not to pay. They would stay with their parents so that they can use the money for something else.




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