4 Factors Why Premium Friday won’t be Introduced Well in Japan





On February 24th, 2017, Premium Friday commences in Japan.

This post summarizes why Japanese won’t adapt Premium Friday well.



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Month End is Super Busy

Not all companies but most companies in Japan are busy between the end of the month and the beginning of the month.


Because it’s super busy, many people have to work overtime. So how can they leave early on the last Friday of the month?


It’s almost impossible and they don’t care about Premium Friday. Their employers think the same and they are extremely careful to introduce Premium Friday.



Many Japanese Don’t Know


Surprise surprise! Government has been promoting Premium Friday, but many Japanese don’t know what it is.


I asked my friends if their companies would introduce Premium Friday

and they were like:

“What? Premium…?? What’s that?”


Okay, MAYBE my friends don’t check news and their companies don’t adapt it so they don’t talk about it. But I was surprised that many of my friends didn’t know about it.


For those work in food and tourist industry, they offer special offer for Premium Friday, so they are familiar with it.



Many Companies Hesitate to Introduce It



Although Japanese government has been promoting Premium Friday, many companies are reluctant to adapt it.




Because they need to reserve employees’ workforce (labour force). They have clients and projects to take care of and need to keep working until late every day.

So leaving at 3p.m. on the last Friday of the month seems pretty unrealistic.


They don’t know how to substitute the missing hours, thus they are very careful to introduce Premium Friday.



Promoter of Premium Friday is Rival of Dentsu

Do you have any idea who has been promoting this whole Premium Friday thing?


Japanese government has entrusted the promotion of Premium Friday to Hakuhodo (博報堂).


Hakuhodo is the 2nd biggest advertising company and Dentsu (電通) is the biggest advertising company in Japan.


That’s why Dentsu will NEVER introduce Premium Friday unless it’s force to do so by law or regulation.


If the industries and companies have connection to Hakuhodo, they might consider introduce Premium Friday. If they are competitor of Hakuhodo or have no connection to Hakuhodo, they might NOT consider Premium Friday.




Some Japanese are excited to have Premium Friday, while most of Japanese are either not interested or frustrated to discuss it.


Some restaurants have happy hour between 3p.m. and 6p.m. on Premium Friday and some tourist companies offer special deal for Premium Friday weekend.


If one can enjoy such offer, Premium Friday might work well for her or him. However, it still seems lots of problems will need to be solved before introducing Premium Friday.



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