Another PPAP Café Opens in Fukuoka! Plus What is PPAP Foodies Market in Sapporo?





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Another exciting PPAP café opens in Fukuoka in February.

There is also an event called “Piko Taro PPAP meets FOODIES MARKET” in Sapporo.


This post summarizes those 2 PPAP events happening in February.




What is PPAP Café in Fukuoka Like?



The first PPAP Café was very successful in Tokyo last year. This year, Piko Taro’s PPAP Café would be open in Fukuoka City. There will be PPAP themed food, drinks and items.

I will update food menu as soon as it becomes available in February.


When and Where? Basic Information of PPAP Café in Fukuoka

The address of this PPAP Café is 2-901-1, Momochihama, Sawara ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県福岡市早良区百道浜2-901-1) and it’s called “Avex Beach Paradise Café.” It shows PPAP and Piko Taro so it’s pretty easy to find.


The Café would be open between February 2nd and February 28th.

Hours are 11:30-23:00.


If you take bus, get off at Fukuoka Tower via Nishitetsu Bus 305 or 306 and walk 3 minutes. If you take subway, get off at Nishijin (西新) Station and walk for 1,5km.



What is “Piko Taro PPAP meets FOODIES MARKET”?



If you live in Sapporo or if you are visiting Sapporo in February, visit “Piko Taro’s Foodies Market”! There would be nice other foodie stands and Piko Taro’s stand would offer PPAP themed items.


When and Where is “Piko Taro PPAP meets FOODIES MARKET”?



This foodies market is limited between February 4th and February 19th. The food stand is small and there is a space to eat (it’s like food court).


It will be opened in the second basement of Sapporo Parco.

Its address is Minami 1zyo Nishi 3-3, Chuo ward, Sapporo city, Hokkaido

(北海道札幌市中央区 南1条西3-3)


Hours are 10:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. (except Sat until 8:30p.m.)



What does “Piko Taro PPAP meets FOODIES MARKET” Offer?



There would be the following PPAP themed items:


-Kajitsu (Fruit) Club (800 yen) Comes with pineapple donut and apple juice

-Roasted Beef Rice Bowl and Salt Modelato Combo (900 yen) Comes with roasted beef in a rice bowl, Lemonade with apple and pineapple

-Garaku Bread (723 yen) Comes with toppings of baked apples and pineapples

-Julateria-Mirutilo (1 for 420 yen, 2 for 480 yen, 3 for 540 yen) Comes with apple pie gelato covered by pineapple sauce

-Crunch Nuts Room (900 yen for M set, 1300 yen for L set) Comes with Piko Taro’s PiPAP beer and nuts

-Pine Pine Apple Parfait (580 yen) This parfait has pineapples and apples



When you order something, you will get one of the Piko Taro drink coasters below. It’s random and staff would give you one.





If those two events are successful, I’m sure that PPAP Cafes will open in other cities later this year. So even if you live far away from Fukuoka City or Sapporo City, don’t worry!


You will be able to enjoy PPAP Cafe or Piko Taro’s Foodies Market soon!



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