Piko Taro Got Married?! Who is the Wife? How did They Meet?




The PPAP guy, Piko Taro, just got married on August 3rd!

Congratulations, Piko Taro!!!!!



Piko Taro and PPAP


Piko Taro released PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) last year and became super popular.


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Basic Information of Piko Taro and PPAP Who is Piko Taro?



Who is Piko Taro’s Wife?




So who is Piko Taro married?

He is married to Hitomi Yasueda.

She is a Japanese model, wearing pineapple T-shirt.

Cute and young!


Piko Taro (Kosaka Daimao) is 44 years old and the wife is only 29 years old.


How did They Meet?



It seems that they met via TV program.

When Piko Taro met Hitomi, he was not rich and popular yet.

According to Piko Taro, he was attracted to her because of her kindness. She supported Piko Taro even when he had a difficult time.



Why Marry Now?




One of the reasons why they marry at this timing is due to Piko Taro’s popularity. He gained fame and lots of money last year. So I guess they are ready to move on?

They decided to marry after having dated for 4 years.







Piko Taro released several songs last year and became one of the most famous Japanese singers.

I hope he will have a great marriage life with his wife and make more money this year!



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