Japanese Singer or Comedian? Who is PIKO-TARO? What is PPAP?





Have you watched Piko-Taro’s music video? It’s so simple yet catchy song.

Let’s find out who is Piko-Taro!


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Who is Piko-Taro?

Piko-Taro (ピコ太郎) is a Japanese singer-songswriter.

Some say he is a comedian, while others say he is a singer.


According to his profile, he was born on July 17, 1963 in Chiba, Japan.

He considers himself as singer-songwriter and his producer is Kosaka Daimaou (小坂大魔王).

His blood type is A and his goal is to attend Japanese Kohaku Festival (yearend singing festival taken place in December in Japan) and Summer Sonic Music Festival (taken place in August in Tokyo and Osaka. It’s huge and very popular).


His favorite singers are Stevie Wonder, M.I.A., Sayuri Ishikawa, Kraftwerk, Junko Yagami, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber!

Justine Bieber tweeted that PPAP is his favorite song and it boosted the number of people who viewed PPAP.


According to Piko-Taro, he married 2 years ago and his wife is 78 years old(!?) He met his wife at hospital and they fell in love at first sight (I’m not making this up but that’s what Piko-Taro says!)






What is PPAP?



PPAP sounds like some sort of agreement for me. It actually stands for Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.


What the heck is that?


Well, Piko-Taro sings about pen, pineapple and apple in his song.

But lyrics don’t make any sense at all. He just sings such short song and became famous around the world.



How Popular is it?



Piko-Taro just released PPAP on August 26, 2016. It’s been about two months and the number of viewers has been skyrocketing.


PPAP was at the 77th out of 100 top songs among The U.S. Billboard. It was Seiko Matsuda who made the U.S. chart in 1990. That’s it. Since then no Japanese made the U.S. chart.


The song is the shortest that ranked within Top 100 Billboard.


PPAP has been ranking 1st on Youtube for 2 weeks and Piko-Taro beat his favorite singer Ariana Grande.


Why is it so Popular?

Here are some reasons why PPAP is so popular around the world.


  • It only uses 2 or 3 words so easy and anyone can understand.


  • You hear once and you will remember the lyrics and rhythm.


  • Colorful costume and looks energetic.



How I feel about Piko-Taro


When I first saw him on video I was thinking:


What? Is this yakuza?

But his movement is gentle and he sings? talks? In English??

It’s not funny.


Then I have watched a few times and I found PPAP part was interesting.

It’s interesting because Piko-Taro looks like a violent yakuza yet his dance and movement is so gentle throughout the song.


Why is Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen is catchy? I guess it’s the rhythm. It’s super simple and easy to remember. Japanese learn how to say pen, apple, pineapple in English when they learn English first year.


This nonsense song might beat Psy’s Gangnam Style.

I hope so! I’m excited that he is trying best to achieve his goal.


What do you think? Feel free to leave comment below!




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