PPAP Lyrics? Secrets of Piko-Taro: How He Came up with PPAP Song




How did Piko-Taro Come up with PPAP?

Everyone is wondering why Piko-Taro’s song is about pen, pineapple and apple. Why not peach and knife? Banana and fork?


I’ve found the reason!


According to Piko-Taro, when he was making this song, there was an apple in front of him. He actually stung the apple by his pen.

And he said “Apple-Pen” and got inspiration that moment.

And he was thinking what else he could use…? A pineapple sounds like an apple! It was his aha moment.

He stood up and danced (PPAP dance) and completed to make the song, which was about 1 minute long.


PPAP Lyrics


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I’m sure you all know its lyrics once you hear. Memorize it and dance like Piko-Taro!

If you are not sure, you can refer the below.


I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple Pen.

I have a pen. I have a pineapple. Pineapple Pen.

Apple-pen. Pineapple-pen.





Did Piko-Taro exist before?



Piko-Taro was born about a year ago. It was Kosaka’s idea. Kosaka Daimaou (小坂大魔王), Japanese comedian, also has been doing DJ and interested in music.

Kosaka Daimaou is from Aomori Prefecture, Japan. He started his career as a comedian and also worked as a DJ. He composed PPAP and others songs for Piko-Taro (himself).

Therefore, Piko-Taro is a dancer, singer-songwriter, and comedian. I think mixture of everything makes him unique and people like to watch his video and imitate PPAP video.



What’s Next?

Piko-Taro released new song about 2 weeks ago (beginning of October, 2016) and it’s called “Neo Sunglasses.”

It’s as short as PPAP. He only sings in Japanese and the words he uses for its lyrics are “dark” and “bright” only.

Even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can practice and try!


Here is how we say dark and bright in Japanese:

Dark is kurai (暗い)

Bright is akarui (明るい)


I’m sure Piko-Taro will release another song and people will check it out.




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 - Piko-Taro

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