What is Popular BBQ Menu in Japan?




What do you cook when you go to BBQ?

I’m sure you have certain items to cook.




Here are 10 popular menus you could try at outdoor BBQ.

  1. Potato with Butter 

Put potatoes, salt and butter on aluminium/alminum foil.

You might want to cut potatoes into half or quarter so that it would be easier to cook.

It’s simple yet tasty.


  1. Asparagus with Bacon

You might want to cut Asparagus into half if it’s long.

Also cut bacon. Wrap bacon around asparagus.

Cook them well.

It’s oily and one of my favorites!


  1. Tomato and Cheese

I recommend you to buy small tomatoes so that you won’t waste their juice.

Put tomatoes, cheese and oregano on alminium foil.

Let cheese melt and enjoy the best combination.


  1. Skewed Meat and Veggie

You can pick any meat and veggies.

I would make with pork, onion and green pepper.

Just skew the ingredients and cook well.




  1. Sweat Corn

Need something sweat? Try this simple item!

Grill sweat corn with sugar and soy sauce.

Its flavour boosts your appetite.


  1. Mushrooms

If you like mushrooms, you can try this.

Put mushroom on alminium foil and cook with butter.

You can put Shiitake, Shimegi, Enoki, Eringi or all and add a little bit soy sauce when eating.


7. Fish

If you like fish, try this.

You can pick any fish but pick something easy to cook.

For instance, opened Hokke or Okhotsk atka mackerel is easy to cook.

I’ve tried mackerel (Sanma) and it was pretty good.


  1. Garlic

Have you tried grilled garlic in restaurant?

If you like garlic, this is a great item!

Simply put garlic and olive oil on alminium foil and cook well.

When it’s ready, its texture is similar to that of potato and smell is no that strong.


  1. Chocolate Fondue

Get chocolate into a container and put on fire.

You might want to add a bit of whipping cream.

Stair and let it melt. You can eat with any fruits.

Dip strawberries, pineapples, kiwis, or others in chocolate.


  1. Marshmallow

Don’t cook too much but rather cook surface and enjoy.

It is easy to cook with disposable chopsticks or skewers.

When I tried this first time in Canada, I was shocked that marshmallows were so sweat.



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