Where to Get Condoms in Japan? Which One is Popular?




When you need condoms, do you know where to get?

Do you know how much they are and which ones are popular?

This post summarizes everything about condoms in Japan!



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Where to Buy Condoms in Japan


Condoms can be found anywhere and many Japanese get from convenience stores or drug stores.


When you are looking for condoms in the store, you have to look down. Condoms are usually placed lower on the shelves. You might even need to bend down to see them.


If you know which one to get, you can order online. It’s convenient since you don’t have to keep buying at stores.

If you are shy to buy at stores (because cashiers are women), try online!



How much are Condoms?


Prices of condoms depend on brand and I found something in common: Thinner ones are more expensive.

Some are 5 for 1000 yen, 12 for 1000 yen or 3 for 700 yen.

The differences between those are brand, thinness, shape and scent.


Japanese thinnest 0.01mm condoms are pricier than others.

To sum up, 1000 yen is enough to get some condoms.



Any Popular Condom Brand?

Have you ever used Japanese condoms? Which ones do you like?

There are two major condom brands in Japan: Okamoto and Sagami.

They have various kinds of condoms and can be found in drug stores, convenience stores and online.



I would say Okamoto is the most popular condom company in Japan. They not only sell condoms but also sell plastic films, gloves, rain boots and latex gloves for medical use.

Their popular products are 0.02mm and 0.01mm condoms.

Extremely thin!



Sagami’s condoms are also popular and can be found in most drug stores.

They also have 0.02mm and 0.01mm condoms as well as ones with soda scent and ones with bumpy surface.




As you might have used this before, you can also get it in Japan.

It might be easier to get it online since some stores don’t have it.

SKYN is sold in many countries including Australia, US and Canada.




Which Condom do Japanese Girls Like?



Some girls might have preference, but I think they don’t really care as long as you have it.

They just appreciate you use it.

Don’t ever try to have sex without condoms! Unless you are married or ready to have children. I have seen so many girls had gone through unwanted pregnancy as a result of careless sexual activity.


If you are a guy, you won’t get pregnant but you might get Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs). So everyone needs to be careful!




It scares me a lot when some people think that condoms are not necessary.

It is important to prevent from getting pregnant but also getting Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs). I really think that Japanese teens (children) need to learn the importance of contraception.

Not only Japanese but also any teens are interested in having sex. Unfortunately, often times they don’t realize the crucial meaning of contraception until they get pregnant or STDs.

I’m not against that teens have sex with someone they love but they MUST know the consequences.

Condoms are not perfect but great.

Try different types and see which one you like the most.



What do you think?

Tell me about your favorite condom!





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