10 Popular Japanese Ice Cream and 5 Reasons why Japanese Ice Cream is the Best!




Who hates ice cream?!

Eating ice cream during winter is fun, and eating ice cream during summer makes you happy and relaxed. But do you know which one to try?

In this post I’m going to explain why Japanese ice cream is the best and which one you should try.



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5 Reasons why Japanese Ice Cream is the Best



Do you eat ice cream? Almost everyone loves ice cream.

Here are 5 reasons why Japanese ice cream is the best and why people should try it.


Japanese Ice Cream Fact 1: Various Flavours

Have you checked ice cream in convenience stores in Japan?


There are so many flavours to choose from.

You have to make a decision.


“Should I get the vanilla or the green tea…?”


Certain flavours are available only for a limited time and it makes you want to try as many flavours as possible.

Then you will be eating ice cream everyday.



Japanese Ice Cream Fact 2: Reasonable Price

One thing I have noticed in Canada is that ice cream in here is expensive.

It costs double or triple compared to Japan.


In Japan, you can find ice cream with reasonable price.

There are, of course, fancy ice cream that costs double of the simple ice cream.

However, even the fancy ones are cheaper compared to Canada.


What I’m referring here is an “individually wrapped ice cream.”

If you get a bucket or tub of ice cream in Canada, it is definitely cheaper than Japan.



Japanese Ice Cream Fact 3: Easy to Purchase

Ice cream can be purchased any stores including grocery stores and convenience stores in Japan.


If you live in city, it is pretty accessible.


All the convenience stores have ice cream and some stores sell original ice cream at the counter.


In some family restaurant chains like Denny’s and Skylark, you can also get parfait or gelato.



Japanese Ice Cream Fact 4: Cute Packages

Japanese ice cream is wrapped by colourful packages with vivid image.

It is just ice cream, but some girls buy because the package is cute.


If there are plain white package and bright-coloured package, they would pick the latter.

Why? Because cute package makes ice cream more attractive. It looks great and tasteful. 



Japanese Ice Cream Fact 5: Yummy and Addictive

Japanese ice cream is yummy so that you want to eat it everyday.

Some people eat different flavours everyday, while others eat the same flavours everyday.


It is usually plain-tasting and not very sweat.


Once you eat it, you feel like eating more.

Especially when it is hot and humid, it is not surprising that one eats ice cream twice a day.



Top 10 Japanese Ice Cream



Here are classic Ice Cream that you can have in Japan.

Try different flavours for 10 days!


Monaou (モナ王)





Monaou is the traditional and popular ice cream in Japan.

The original one is vanilla flavour and it is covered by soft Monaka (soft wafer).

So simple yet yummy! It is not that sweet so it doesn’t make you thirsty.



Gari-Gari-kun (ガリガリ君)




This is one of the traditional ice cream and has been sold since 1981.

It is more like a popsicle or ice pop and the price is pretty reasonable (under 100 yen. Usually an individually wrapped ice cream costs over 100 yen).


This is perfect for hot and humid summer.



Sou (Soh 爽)





Sou is packed in a small container and it has been popular.

The original flavour is vanilla and it also offers mandarin (mikan), strawberry and grape.

Its sweetness is perfect.



Yukimi Daifuku (雪見だいふく)





Daifuku is rice cake stuffed with red bean paste.

Yukimi Daifuku is not a regular Daifuku. It is stuffed by ice cream.


If you like Daifuku or Mochi (rice cake), you better try this one!

It is soft, not very sweet yet cools you down.


Some people like to eat this during winter as well.



Giant Cone (ジャイアントコーン)




As you can imagine from the name, this ice cream comes with a cone.

What makes this ice cream popular is the crispy cone. Even it is frozen, the cone is crispy and fresh.


Popular flavours are cookie & chocolate and chocolate & nuts.



Pino Chocolate (ピノ チョコレート)




Pino offers a great combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate.


There are 6 pieces in a box and you can purchase at convenience stores.

Some girls eat Pino when they are on diet.

They don’t eat the whole but rather eat a few pieces at a time.


Green tea and grapes & berries are available for a limited time.




Papico Chocolate Coffee (パピコ チョココーヒー)





One of my favorite ice cream! Papico contains 2 tubes so it is easy to share.

It tastes like frappuccino yet not that sweet.


If you like any sort of coffee or chocolate, you would love this!


I love this one so I can eat 2 tubes. Maybe 2 bags.

No share!



Super Cup (スーパーカップ)




The original vanilla is popular and its size is relatively big!

So if you want to eat a lot, get one of Super Cup.


It also offers green tea, chocolate & cookie and fruit yogurt flavours.



Black Chocolate Ice Bar (Black チョコレートアイスバー)




Japanese like Black because it is not that sweat.

If you don’t like sweet ice cream, try this.

Its taste is like bitter chocolate and light.


It is more like ice pop so it cools you down!



Parm (パルム)




This rich ice cream comes with flavourful vanilla covered by chocolate.

It is made carefully so that vanilla and chocolate melt at the same time.


Its taste is mellow and everyone will love once eating it.

The original flavour is chocolate.


There are also coffee and orange flavours for an individual package.


For bigger packages, it also offers strawberry, almond & chocolate and milk tea flavours.




Summary and My Favorite Ice Cream



Ice cream is popular and most people like it.

There are so many flavours and brand so it might be difficult to choose.


I would try various kinds and find my favorite.

All of them I mention today are great and tasteful.


If I have to choose… I want to eat Gari-Gari-kun and Giant Cone!


In February 2018, I found new flavour from Hershey’s.



This combination of chocolate and Match green tea is awesome!!!

I love this and had 5 of them already.

Try it if you are in Japan! You can find it in supermarket or convenience stores.

Let me know what you think 🙂


Which one do you want to try?




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