3 Rules and Benefits of Karaoke: How to Enjoy it in Japan





If you have been to Tokyo, you probably think that Japanese love Karaoke.


There are hundreds of Karaoke Boxes in Tokyo and other cities.

Karaoke box is literally a box with a karaoke machine and sofas.


When I was a high school student, I used to go to Karaoke Box with my friends.

As teenagers do not have much money to spend, it is a nice place to hang around.


Today I’m going to discuss how to enjoy Karaoke with others and alone.


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1. When You Go with Someone

It is always fun to go to Karaoke boxes with someone.

If you go with friends, however, there are certain rules you need to know.

You don’t have to follow but I want to introduce what these are.


Rule 1: Share Karaoke Books and Remotes

Karaoke books contain list of all the songs available.

You can also search songs by a remote control.

Don’t keep them to yourself and spend long time to choose a song.

People go to Karaoke to sing, so let’s share the Karaoke Books or a remote control.


Rule 2: Listen to Others While They Sing

Some people might be bad singers and have unpleasant tone when they sing,

but it is better to listen to them when they sing.

Or at least pretend as if you are listening.

If you show unfriendly behaviour, your friends might think you don’t have fun with them and they might not invite you in the future.



Rule 3: Take Turns to Sing


You don’t have to decide who sings first, who is next etc…

Yet it is a great idea that you take turns to sing.

If you go with your friends, for instance, you could sing first, Bob could go next, Kathy could go after etc… and it would be your turn again.


“Oh my god, what are these rules? I can’t enjoy then!”

If you think so you better go alone.





2. When You Go Alone


Who said you must go Karaoke with someone?

It’s also great to go alone and have a fun time!



Benefit 1: You Can Sing Anything

If you like old songs, you can keep singing them.

If you like songs from cartoons, you can sing as much as you want and you don’t have to worry about what others would think.

You can even shout and dance!


Benefit 2: You Can Practice for Karaoke Party

If you have a plan to participate in Karaoke party or competition, this would be a perfect opportunity to practice.

Nobody is listening so you can sing whatever you want.

First time singing in front of others may make you nervous, thus it might be a great idea to practice alone.


Benefit 3: You Can Use Scoring System


Most of the Karaoke machines in Japan have scoring feature.

How it works is that you sing a song and machine shows your score out of 100.

Since some don’t use this feature when going to Karaoke with other people, this would be the best time to make use of scoring feature.

You can get score just as your reference or compete with others who use scoring feature.




You might feel it’s funny to have Karaoke rules. But if you want to enjoy with Japanese, please refer those rules.


Karaoke is helpful to release stress.

Respect others if you go with them and enjoy freedom if you go alone.

I miss Karaoke boxes in Japan! They are cheap but quality is the best.




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