Tips on How to Get a Partner, Go to Love Hotel and Use Condoms




I summarized posts for love including relationship, love hotel and condoms.

Read each step so that you can maintain a great relationship with a Japanese partner!


This is a killer guide for Free Wi-Fi! → Where is Wi-Fi in Japan?

Japanese Lunch box is super practical → Where to get Bento Boxes?



Try Those 5 Tips to Get a Japanese Boyfriend by Graduation

Wanna get a boyfriend before graduation?

This post is recommended any girls who want to get a Japanese boyfriend!


→ Secret to Get a Japanese Boyfriend




4 Typical Things Japanese Guys do to Express Their Love


If you are wondering if he (a Japanese man) likes you, read this.

Japanese guys are difficult to understand sometimes.


→ How Japanese Guys Express Their Love




How to Maintain a Great Relationship with a Japanese Girlfriend 


What is your secret to keep a great relationship?

Read this and you will master how to maintain a good relationship with your Japanese girlfriend.


 Secret for a Good Relationship




Where to Get Condoms in Japan? Which One is Popular?




It’s important to know where you can get condoms in Japan.

Where is it and how much? This post also discusses popular condom brands.


→ Which Condom is Popular in Japan?




The Fact of Love Hotel in Japan: Sexual Activities and Karaoke


Do you what Love Hotel is?

Find out what it is and learn how Japanese spend time in there.


→ What is Love Hotel Like?




Japanese Boyfriends or Girlfriends for Rent: How does it Work? How Much is it?




Did you know that you can rent a boyfriend or girlfriend in Japan?

Rent-a-girlfriend/boyfriend is a special service provided in Japan.


→ How to Rent a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?







This is a killer guide for Free Wi-Fi! → Where is Free Wi-Fi in Japan?

Japanese Lunch box is super practical → Where to get a Bento Box?



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