6 Ways You Must Know to Predict Black Company in Japan




It’s hard to avoid Black Company because they tend to hide and hire new people.

Below are 6 ways to predict Black Companies when searching jobs.


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How to Predict Black Company

Predicting Black Companies is not that easy. Here I summarize 6 practical ways to predict if a company is Black or not.


Hiring Often or All the Time

Needless to say, people stay longer with a good company and leave from a bad company.


If a company keeps hiring or hires often, that means they are consistently lack of employees. They might be a Black Company.


♣Many Japanese tend to stay in a company and don’t change career unless it is necessary. Thus a good company doesn’t have to hire all the time.




People might leave due to:

-Low Wage

-Harsh Working Environment

-Power Harassment

-Sexual Harassment

-Excessive Overtime



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Check Website


One practical way to avoid a Black Company is to study the company that you want to apply.


Does the website look great?

Does the website exaggerate good points only?

If they post a picture with a few (fake) smiling people with comments such as “passionate individuals wanted” or “our company gives people dream. Wanna be a part of our team?”



The wage structure of Black Company is usually unclear as well.

It is a good idea to ask detail when having an interview.






Edinet stands for Electronic Disclosure for Investor’s Network.

It shows the average wage and the age of employees as well as the average length of time that employees stay with a company.


They have English as well.

Try to avoid those companies that employees tend to leave within a couple of years because Japanese tend to stay longer if a company is great.






Check Teikoku Databank

Teikoku databank provides rankings, basic company search and conduct research on a company.

Teikoku Databank


Their credit research services are usually used by a company.

This service is especially useful when engaging business with a new company.


Although some services are charged, you might want to peek and find basic information on a company to protect yourself.



Use Recruitment Agency or Consultant

The obvious benefit to use agency is that they usually avoid Black Companies and you are less likely to be victim.


There are exceptions and you might encounter Black Companies. However, the chances are lower.


Their aim is to connect you and a company.

Hence, it might be a good idea to use agency when possible.



No Energy in the Office


This method can be used only after you are invited for an interview.


If you go to interview in the office, try to observe employees carefully.


Are they energetic? Enjoying working? Or are they tired and have no energy at all?

Are they polite to you?


You can feel whether it’s suitable workplace for you. Go with your gut!




Although it is difficult to avoid Black Companies, you can use those 6 ways to check if your company is black.


Try those methods and talk to your friends or colleagues.

They might feel the same. They might think it is not a Black Company.



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