What is Premium Friday? Can Black Company Adapt it?




Have you heard of Premium Friday?

The Premium Friday campaign starts in February 2017. Let’s find out what it is!


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What is Premium Friday?


There are two reasons behind the Premium Friday campaign.


①Premium Friday is a campaign that encourages employees to leave early on the last Friday of the month.


It doesn’t apply to every Friday.

It’s not law or regulation so it cannot force company to adapt it.


②There is another reason that government recommend Premium Friday. They want Japanese to spend more money.


If employees get out of work early at least once a month, they would spend more money. They might go shopping, dining out, drinking, watching movie or visit weekend events.


Premium Friday is to start on February 24th, 2017.



How Does it Work?

Depending on companies, employees are asked to leave early on the last Friday of the month.


Why once a month?


Well, lots of Japanese tend to work overtime and don’t leave office until late.

To change such habit takes long time. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is hoping to help employees to get out early from work at least once a month to balance private life and work.


This is just a campaign but if it works well, it may be adjusted to law or regulation.


Pros and Cons of Premium Friday



So what are pros and cons of Premium Friday? I’m going to mention main pros and cons here.



The main advantage is that people can go home early on the last Friday of the month.

Some people want to go home but they cannot because their colleagues stay in the office until late.

If they leave early, they could spend more time with family, go to a short trip, or have special dinner with friends or boyfriends.


Another advantage is that employees try to complete their tasks before they leave office. They see the deadline and try hard to enjoy (slightly) long weekend.



One of the possible disadvantages is that some employees might be forced to work overtime to replace missing hours on Premium Friday.

For instance, if an employee leaves at 6p.m. on Fridays, he or she would miss 3 hours on the last Friday of the month.

Yes, the employee can leave at 3p.m. but how would she/he handle the missing 3 hours? Comes to office 3 hours earlier or stays extra 3 hours during the week?


In addition, some argue that Premium Friday won’t make people spend more money. They don’t spend money not because they don’t have time.

They don’t spend money just because they don’t have enough to spend.

Unless they get more paid, as some experts claim, Premium Friday doesn’t play an important role on Japanese economy.



How Does it Affect Black Company?


Any company, including Black Companies, should consider adapting Premium Friday eventually.

But in reality, it might take long time to accomplish. Or it might not happen. Never.

Black Companies may not adapt Premium Friday. They may force employees to work overtime the rest of the month, so it’s useless to have Premium Friday once a month.


Premium Friday might only work well for those work for city and big companies.




I do hope Premium Friday affects the way people work in Japanese company. But leaving around 3p.m. seems a bit unrealistic.

It’s possible in Canada, but in Japan? It seems difficult.


Black companies won’t change right away just because of this, but the Premium Friday campaign should be an opportunity to change their company rules and regulations.




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