Let’s Learn about Ramen History in Shinyokohama Ramen Museum




If you live in Japan, you might eat Ramen in a regular basis. If you are outside Japan, you might eat instant noodle. If I ask foreigners what their favorite Japanese cuisine is, I’m sure they would include Ramen and sushi.


Did you know there is a Ramen museum in Japan? It’s in Kanagawa Prefecture and you can eat various Ramen there.



History of Ramen

Japanese go to Hatsumode every year. Do you know what it is? →What is Hatsumode?


It’s said that the first Japanese who ate Chinese noodle was Mitsukuni Tokugawa, the prominent daimyo during Edo period. Although this kind of noodle didn’t become popular among other Japanese, this was an important incident for Ramen history.

Between 1872 and 1900, Chinese established China Town in Japan and opened Chinese restaurants.

Those Chinese restaurants became popular and spread to Tokyo, Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture) and Nagasaki Prefecture. Japanese chefs had arranged flavour, soup and noodle and the number of Japanese Ramen restaurants has been increased especially in cities.

The first instant noodle was sold in 1958 and Ramen was recognized as one of favorite national dish that Japanese consume.

In 1994, Shinyokohama Ramen Museum opened and since then it has been providing helpful information on Ramen as well as yummy Ramen inside the museum.



Basic Information of Shinyokohama Ramen Museum (新横浜ラーメン博物館)






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How to Get There
The address is 2-14-21, Shinyokohama

Kohoku ward, Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture

It’s 5 minutes away from Shinyokohama station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line, JR Tokohama Line, Yokohama Subway).


If you come from Tokyo station or Shinjuku station, it takes about 50 minutes.

If you come from Yokohama station, it takes about 15 minutes.




Administration Fee

Adult (13 years and older)       310 yen


Children (6-12 years old)         100 yen
Seniors (60 years and older)    100 yen


3 months Pass                      500 yen

6 months Pass                      800 yen

With those passes, you can enter as many times as you want.



Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Sunday   10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Hours during Holiday seasons may vary. Please confirm before heading there.

You need to order at least 30 minutes before they close if you are in Ramen restaurants.



Other Information


How to Wait in a Line

If you are not sure where to wait, ask people! Don’t speak Japanese?

Write down the phrase below or save on your phone.


Dokoni narabeba iidesuka?


どこにならべば いいですか?(どこに並べばいいですか?)

It means “where is the line?” “Where should I wait?”



They would probably say here (koko desu: ここです) or there (soko desu: そこです).


When it’s crowded, you might have to wait for a while. But it’s worth waiting if you love Ramen!!



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